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broice1947 posted:
I know I am allergic to it but ii Suboxone a painkiller?? It hasn't been approved by the FDA for pain. My Primary doctor says that if people find out it is for pain, people on the street might go on it. I know that they will see for themselves when I react to Suboxone, then I can sue them. But for now, I am getting myself a new Primary also.. I think these foreign doctors don't quite get it.
ctbeth responded:
Hi Broice,

Suboxone has been sold on the street for years. LOL, In my experience, drug abusers usually know a whole-lot more about the drugs that get one high, than do many persons taking the same substances fro pain management.

How are you feeling today? This is the first discussion I've opened today, so you may have posted an update elsewhere.

Uhm, in your opinion, do "foreign" doctors not get?

Please be aware that there are persons participating, even replying kindly to your posts, who are "foreign".

~Be careful with that~

I really think that your decision to be treated by a different primary care MD is sound.

Still, it must be in your MD's records and your hospital records that you had a life-threatening adverse effect to Suboxone, or one of its components.

Please stay in contact. I am concerned for you,


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