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    RE: Current Pain Mgt. Dr. abandoned me
    meaningfulc1952 posted:
    I just saw my pain mgt. dr. recently and was informed that they had referred me to another pain dr. and my appt. was supposed to be cancelled. I walked in knowing nothing about this and then when my dr. came in he was extremely angry with me and rude. He said that he sent all of my medical records to another pain dr. and that his associate had called me to let me know about all of this.
    Well, the associate never called me and no one ever let me know anything about this until I went to my scheduled appt.
    Now, I have to find a new pain mgt. dr. and the one that I had ony gave me part of the amt. of my muscle relaxant meds. I asked if he would give me refills on the 2 meds and he said no. I have to say that I was extremly shocked and very upset that this dr. and his associate never called me and told me that I was not expected to come to my appt. with him.
    Now, I have no pain dr. and I did nothing wrong either. This dr. that I have been seeing is a real jerk and always treated me rather rudely and as though I knew nothing. I always knew what he was talking about and it was a waste of his time and mine.
    Do you think that this was patient abandoment? It certainly seems that way to me. I never authorized this dr. to release my medical records to this other dr. either. Now, I am going to try to get a copy of all of my medical records from their office. This dr. has put me in real jeapordy. One of the meds that he has been prescribing is methadone 10 mg. and that comes to 80 mgs. per day the way that he has been prescrbing it to me. One of the others are valium and skelaxin. Those are the 2 that I asked if he would give me refills until I connected with another pain dr.
    Help, what do you all think about this situation? If there is a dr. on here that could give me some advice I would really appreciate that to.
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi Meaningful,
    Oh man, what a tough situation.
    I'm on my way out, but I want to send good wishes to you.

    I'll writer later when I get back from MD.

    Where else would I be going,LOL?

    Hang in there. I hope that the group will have some insights for you.

    I'm going to print your letter and ask my pain MD his opinion about your situation.


    dfromspencer responded:
    Hi, Meaningful

    Wow, I am so sorry for your situation! I don't know if you could claim abandonment or not? Every doctor has his own reasons for doing what they do, I guess? I would think his supposed ethics would keep him from doing this to someone in pain?

    First, you need to go see the doc. that has your records, and get copies of everything. Then, go to your local hospital and explain your situation to them. Hopefully, they can find you a suitable doc. in the area, that will treat your chronic pain?

    I hope this all works out for you, befor you run out of meds!!!

    smann68 responded:
    What a horrible situation for you! Did you ask the Dr. why he was so upset with you and why he didn't want to see you again?

    I agree with DfromSpencer, I would go see the Dr. who now has your records. Who knows, you might like him.

    Best of luck to you. I hope you can get all of this straightened out before your medicine runs out!

    annette030 responded:
    I have no idea why the doctor did what he did.

    Methadone is an opioid, and valium is a benzo. The latest research shows there are side effects when these two families of drugs are used together or concurrently, including an increased risk of falls, abuse, and sedation.

    The other point is that valium and skelaxin are both muscle relaxants. I do not know how they were prescribed, or taken.

    Methadone has been fairly recently shown to cause Q-T interval changes in the heart's electrical system, especially in doses greater than 60 mg. per day.

    He may feel you need a medication change and he is not up to it, or is not willing to do it. I am not inside his head, so I don't know.

    I would be most concerned with a withdrawal syndrome if you are taking significantly large does of valium on a daily basis. That withdrawal can include seizures.

    Methadone withdrawal, while it can be unpleasant is not dangerous in otherwise healthy adults, according to the literature.

    Hopefully, the doctor here will give you more information.

    Take care, Annette
    bpcookie responded:
    Hello, Im so sorry that your Dr. treated you this way. Its very unprofessional. I recently had an issues with my pain specialists apt. scheduler. This person is always a jerk. The last time I called he was even worse. All I wanted to do was make an apt. to have my procedure done but the jerk gave me a hard time. So I emailed the CEO of the company. With in one hour after sending the email, the PMS office called and scheduled my procedure. If your PMS is part of a company, then write an email to the CEO or call and ask to talk to the supervisor. Also, isn't it against the law for your Dr. to send your medical records to someone else, with out you signing a paper?

    I hope you find a new Dr. real soon and can get your meds filled.
    WebMD Health Ambassador- BpCookie
    ctbeth replied to bpcookie's response:
    Hey Cookie,

    LOVE your profile pic!

    Below is my Facebook profile pic, LOL

    Great minds think alike!
    annette030 replied to bpcookie's response:
    Meaningfulc1952, please read this.

    Yes, it is against the HIPPA laws, they are pretty careful about that. But, most people sign a form allowing the doctor to share info as needed to insurance companies to get paid, and others involved in your care. Read all the fine print on everything you signed, and if you do not want him to do this, send a letter to him saying just that, along with your name and birthday, as identifiers for your medical records.

    Take care, Annette
    meaningfulc1952 replied to annette030's response:
    Hi Annette,
    I do not have a copy of my contract w/this pain dr. and I do think that sending my medical records to another dr. w/out my signature is just plain wrong. No one ever asked me if they could send my medical records to this other dr. Further more, I wasn't even given her full name or address when I saw my pain mgt. dr. last week when they did not expect me to show up. They prescribe the 2 muscle relaxants because I have neck problems along with jaw and headaches. My neurologist prescribes the meds for my headaches.
    I do plan to call this new dr. that has my records tomorrow and find out everything I possibly can before making an appt. Probably will see this dr. since she has my med records.
    I really am upset by this entire situation. I hate it when I do not have any idea what will happen to me and if I will find a decent pain mgt. dr.
    I am even open to the idea of seeing a phyciatrist if he prescribes pain meds. Many, years ago, I did see one and he did prescribe my pain meds.
    The other thing that really irks me is that I never have asked to have methadone given to me for my pain. In fact years ago, I had a pain dr. that prescribed oxycontin. So, I had nothing to do with asking for methadone ever. The drs. in the past put me on that one.
    If there is a dr. on here that could give me some advice I sure would appreciate that.
    ctbeth replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    Hi Meaningful1952,

    Please let us know how it goes tomorrow, ok?
    Yeah, something reallt rotten is going on.

    I wish that I had something of value to add.

    lorigibs40734 replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    Oh Wow that's horrible! I'm so terribly sorry that you have to go through this.

    Once you get your medical records, it should have your pain contract in there as well. Look to see if there is a disclosure that allows them to share your medical records with anyone other than your insurance company. It probably won't help you stay in your established pm doctor, but if there is no disclaimer, they are violating HIPPA regulations.

    Did they let you know when you were/are to see this new doctor?

    I had something similar happen to me (LONG story it's on here somewhere) and was without pain meds for a while, then under medicated when I DID go see the new pm doctor. I hope you have enough meds to last until you get established somewhere else.

    I hope you have better luck with the new doctor's office, and please let us know how it went..

    annette030 replied to meaningfulc1952's response:
    Please put it in the heading if you wish the Board's doctor to reply. Then ask straightforward questions for him. He is not allowed to answer questions about your health, but he is allowed to give generic answers to questions that may apply to more than a few readers generally.

    If you ask, it seems like they would provide you with a copy of your contract with them. Same with any other papers that you signed regarding sending of medical records. If you did not authorize it, they should not send them. It did occur to me, that perhaps the person whom you talked to and told you about the new doctor, was plain wrong, and they did not in fact send your records.

    If you are getting "pain meds" from two different doctors that may have violated your contract also.

    Change is hard to deal with. Never mind the fact that you are in pain most of the time, and then are expected to respond in a positive manner to this upheaval in your life.

    Take care, Annette
    sunsetdove32 responded:
    I am sorry to here your situation. I wonder if you are perhaps from the State of Ohio?

    Exactly two months ago I was dismissed from my PM doctor. I was shocked because I had not done anything wrong!

    When I asked the doctor why, what had I done? He told me and I quote: "Nothing, his attorney told him there were 5 patients in the practice that he needed to get rid of and I was one of them"

    His office staff was nice enough to get me a referral to the Cleveland Clinic (a 4 hour drive) but my husband took the day off to take me. The kind of medication I am on you don't just stop the withdrawal WILL kill me!

    Yes, that is what I said and no I am not being dramatic. Since everything coming to head the last couple of days I have been all over the internet trying to figure out what I am going to do. How do I taper what I have left. I take 200mcg Fentalyal and 400mcg Fentora for breakthru pain up to 4 a day. Everything says the withdrawal for a healthy person is brutal. The problem is I am not a healthy person. Last summer I brought myself down from 300mcg to 200mcg the doctor that was there at the time told me to stop he knew I wanted off the fentanyal but right then wasn't the time to do it. We would address it after the transplant was done. That reduction of 1/3 was absolutely brutal and landed me in ICU. When you have no kidneys, aHus, serious blood pressure issues, and are prone to seizures anyway... make sure you are carefully monitored coming off this stuff.

    I went thru pt, all the steroid injections stuff like that but my body didn't respond, so I was left with pain medication to get thru the day. I started on Fentanyal 10 years ago, easy. I finally found a PM that looked at me like a whole person (not just asking what part of the body I was there 4) if he didn't understand something about me he looked it up!

    About a year ago his office closed, billing practices or something, couldn't even get our medical records, his office staff told us that he had a "friend and college" taking over his practice until he got things sorted out. Well, it never got sorted out and I ended up with this set of drs. When I found them to be permanent I quietly looked around a yr ago for another dr because quite frankly 2 of the docs were arrogant and the 3rd just seemed like a babbling idiot you could hardly ever understand, he would spend your whole appt preaching Obahama Care to you. There weren't any taking new patients especially with the meds I was on.

    I just went to my monthly appt for my meds answered their questions, but really didn't put much stock in them. They never seemed to listen anyway.

    Funny: I had been there about 3 mths by then and the doc came storming in the office yelling and carrying on about this isn't the old docs office anymore and he does drug testing there and the next time I tell his staff that I am not going to take the test then he wouldn't see me anymore... and this was the beginning of the end I just didn't know it! He slammed the little pee cup down in front of me.

    I politely held the cup back out to him and told him: "I never said I wouldn't, I said I COULDN'T" My husband was trying not to laugh, yet another doc that doesn't listen or read the medical charts in front of them. I have no kidneys. He kept saying they only need a little to complete the test.It took 10 minutes to get thru his head I literally had no kidneys they were both removed 5 yrs ago. With a gun to my head I couldn't pee.

    Unfortunately the new doc they sent me to would not take me. The old office staff brought me back for their docs to see me again (she said there is no way u can go without she is nice... the docs, not so much)

    And oh how I wish my story could end there, but it doesn't I'm just not sure where to put it. See I didn't just lose my dr 3 days ago that same dr may have cost me my transplant next month

    I don't want to hijack your post

    I am looking with you!
    blessedladyptl replied to sunsetdove32's response:
    It is against Federal Law to deny you a copy of your medical records, if you are willing too pay for the copies, in a situation like this,
    Someone taking over the practice is irrevelant. Lack of those records may be why you can't find care.
    sunsetdove32 replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    I understand it is against the law, believe me I tried that. When the docs office was chained that day when I went for my appt of course I called.

    He had a physical therapy office (another business) in another building so they had the phones forwarded to there. The secretary told us the rooms were small but he would be making it work to take appts from there so he could still see patients. When I got there they gave me the "new patient" packet to fill out AGAIN, said he just needed something temporary till he could get the files out.

    He was actually pretty open about it, at least that is what I thought at the time. I tried to rebuild everything I could but the original MRI was taken at a lab that was now closed since so many years past. Things like that. Plus my medical history is very extensive not easy to just go one place and get it. Anyway...

    A couple months later he opened the PM offices in the "new" building. I don't remember how many more times I seen him before the next time I came in and here was the new docs.

    The best I could ever find out... and mind you this is what I was TOLD... since they kept a log of our billing in our medical files (not sure why) that gave whoever took them (state or federal) the right to keep them.

    My understanding all this actually stemmed from something that had happened over ten years ago that he had been fighting. I am not sure if there was a new infraction which caused them to come seize everything in the office, but they took files, computers, phones even the copy machine?

    We were told originally when the new docs came that they were just "covering" the practice till he go back. They said it should only take a couple months. Then the office staff changed except for one and we were told he lost the appeal and they took his license for good in the state of Ohio and these docs were it.

    At the time then that I started looking it wasn't even about the files (having them or not) I kept getting "we are not accepting new patients". Had a couple who ask who my current PM had been and when they found out the name they said we are not accepting any of "his" patients. (Don't ask me why they wouldn't it is not like I'm the one that broke the law).

    Needless to say I tried calling state numbers trying to figure out where I could obtain a copy of the records they took and I would have gladly paid for them. The best answer I could get was they were evidence and NO!

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