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    suggestions for meds..
    tbhurts posted:
    I have two torn disc in my low back close to my tail bone and arthritis in my spine, I stay in pain... constantly tossing and turning in bed. My doc prescribed me tramadol and lyrica and it doesn't help me at all..!!! Please suggestions..
    dfromspencer responded:
    When I first started on meds, I was given methadone, and gabapentin. You could ask your P.M.D. about trying that? Or, maybe he could try morphine s.r.? I am now on lyrica, and morphine, and its the closest I've come to relief of any kind.

    Good luck! And please come back and let us know how it goes.

    77grace responded:
    Hi tbhurts,Sorry to hear about your pain,I am very aquinted with it!!!!
    Is this the first time you are on Narcatics for Pain??If so it could be why youe Dr. chose what he did!!Also Is he a new Dr. for you and is this your first back problem???That will help us sto thelp you more!
    As I said I know alot about Pain and meds. SoI kinda have to disagree with Spencer because Methadone is not usually a med that a C
    Dr. starts you out at!
    Stay in touch I'm here for you.77grace
    dfromspencer replied to 77grace's response:
    Hi, Grace

    Its true, my Dr. wanted me on Tramadol, but that made me feel weird, so she put me on Methadone, with the oxycodone for breakthrough. Once I got to a 1000mg., she put me on Morphine. 700mg.'s is as far as this V.A. P.M.S. is willing to go. So, when I see him next month, we will be starting on something else. Maybe the methadone again, I don't know?

    I hope you are as well as can be, take good care of yourself!

    ctbeth replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Hi Dennis,

    I realize that you've been on many advanced pain meds throughout the years.

    Have you used Duragesic (fentanyl)?

    For me, the SCS is my main pain management treatment.
    I take MSC 45 mg BID, which is insanely low considering that I've been on opiate management for almost ten years.

    Before SCS, I was using Duragesic 100 mcg and Oxy IR for bt, 30 mg three times a day.

    Until I get my battery changed, my MD has written Oxy IR 15 mg BID. I'm trying to use it very judiciously, as I don't want to effect my tolerance.

    Every silver lining has its cloud, right?

    For me, Methadoen was the absolute best pain management med, but I could not tolerate the side effects.

    Please keep us updated, okay?
    dfromspencer replied to ctbeth's response:
    Hi, Beth

    My notification system was down, again, I guess? I got one today, so, here I am!

    No, my P.M.D., nor my P.C.P. has ever suggested Fentanyl. Is that the patch, or a topical rub? I have tried the topical, the one with red peppers made me feel as if I caught on fire. I don't use the rubs anymore.

    I have an appointment coming up, to see my P.M.D. at the V.A. Hospital, sometime in the very near furture. He wants to try me on something else, don't know what that might be? I know its going to be started at the lowest possible dose, and I am going to suffer for awhile. I hope its worth it? I also hope he will up the dosage of my Lyrica? It stopped helping a long time ago. Alas, and woe is me! LOL!!!

    Have you received a date for the battery change, yet? I hope its soon, doing without surely hurts!!! I'm sure the oxy's only help a little, eh???

    Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining! Keep your chin up, and keep fighting the good fight!

    I kinda hope he puts me back on the Methadone, it seemed to really help, at first? Why can't you get Methadone?

    Well, I wish you all the best, take care!!!

    ctbeth replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Hi Dennis,

    I have been on Methadone, but the side effects were very difficult for me. I take Morphine Contin 45 mg twice a day- that's a pretty low dose, far as I'm concerned, for me having been on opiate meds fro over-seven years. The SCS is my main mode of pain management, and I love it.

    My PMD did prescribe Oxy IR, but I'm not taking them. I cannot perceive any diminishing of discomfort when taking them, so I do not bother.

    This will be over soon. My OR date is 22 April. I wish that it was sooner, but I'm okay.

    Regarding Duragesic/ fentanyl, I was referring to the patch/ transdermal. The rub that you tried was probably capsaicin (?spelling?), which is made from red pepper.

    No, fentanyl patches are opiate med that is absorbed through your skin for systemic pain management. You can read about it:

    Are you on Facebook?
    A few of us who are regular participants on this site are also Facebook friends.

    Keep in touch,

    dfromspencer replied to ctbeth's response:
    Hi, Beth

    You have got to be in misery, and yet you say "I'm ok"? Wow, you are one strong lady!!! I have pretty much given up on complaining about my pain, even to my doctors. Why bother, they have nothing to really help me? This pain keeps me up pretty much all day, 24/7. Little sleep, if any, and no hope for getting any.

    Oh yes, I have heard of that! I just wasn't sure what you meant. My doctor has never mentioned it to me, but when I see him next, I will bring it up. Too many people here, have said it helps them tremendously, so, why not?

    The 22 is a long way off, yet. You are strong, you will make it!!! Is this like an in out type of surgery? Or will you have to stay overnight? I want to wish you a speedy recovery!!!

    No, I am not on F.B., this is as close to a social network as I like to come. There are way too many bad people out there, that will just hack into your Page, and they could find anything they want. No thanks, I think I will just hang out here, sorry.

    Yes, you got the spelling right, capsaicin. LOL!!! I no longer have the tube, but that seems right to me?

    Thank you for taking an interest in my case! Now that I have kept in touch, I hope that you will, also? Take good care of yourself.

    ctbeth replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for your nice reply.

    I am okay. It's not an easy time, but I have only seventeen days left, so, I know that my life will be improving soon.

    My surgeon always schedules an over-night room for me, in case there is a reason that I cannot go home, but I've never had to stay overnight for any of the SCS and IPG change surgeries.

    For now, my daughter and one of my friends are helping out. M daughter doesn't clean our house the way I clean, or the way I want it clean, but she's doing the best that she can. It's only housework, but I'm kind-of OCD. and she clearly is NOT.

    Take care of yourself, too, Dennis, and thanks for the kind thoughts.

    77grace replied to ctbeth's response:
    Hi CTBeth,
    I just saw this post and I'm curious because I tske Methadone,what side affects botheredyou???I thought it had less than a lot of others!
    Anyway,have a Gtreat day ,Love 77Grace
    allthatailsyou replied to 77grace's response:
    I think Methadone is a miracle drug for pain, I was really out of options the side effects at first was some nauseousness, but that went away quickly and some constipation which also went away.
    ctbeth replied to 77grace's response:
    Hi Gracie,

    Although I found Methadone to help me with pain possibly more-than any other med, I ultimately discontinued.

    For me, and side effects so vary person-to-person, I was constantly sweating and it was disgusting. It wasn't just sweating, it was more like the feeling of having a fever: cold sweats and just feeling yuck from it.

    By the time I made the decision to change meds, I had become essentially housebound. I couldn't bathe, make-up, blow-dry my hair, and get dressed without the sweat dripping down my face and neck.

    When this God-awful sweating kept me home from a family member's 85th birthday celebration, I had enough of it.

    For some, the sweating is worth the pain relief. For me, it was a quality of life issue. I couldn't live with it, so my PMD changed me to MSContin. It's still an adverse effect that I despise, but it effects me far less than with the Methadone.

    It's a wonderful pain med, just not for me.


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