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Nucynta 75
wandac0917 posted:
Hello everyone! I had two L5/S1 Diskectomies in September 2002. After the first year of a living hell, I started getting Caudal Epidurals in my lower back. These epidurals literally kept me going, able to work and live a norma life style, even wear heels. In November 2011, I retired and moved from Central Kentucky to Southwest Florida. Once again I became immobile due to the pain. The pain doctors here in FL do not think epidurals are the way to go. The third pain doctor I have seen in this area prescribed Nucynta 75 mg four times a day, whether I was in pain or not. After four months I am down to taking the Nucynta "as needed." This med has worked great for me! I always have it nearby.
77grace responded:
Hi Wandac0917,
I hope I got the name right!
I have never heard of Nucynta?What type of drug is it?How does it work?I'm very glad that you have found some thing that works for you,God knows you need something!!!I Love to hear good news!
Bless you for sharing this with us!
\ 77grace
ctbeth replied to 77grace's response:
Lots of info, Gracie,



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