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Liver Transplant patient
broice1947 posted:
I am a liver transplant patient, whose liver is too big for my body and mistakes were made during surgery which left me in chronic pain. Are there any doctors out there who understand internal pain. Because, I have been stuck in my back a bunch of times because a doctor thought it was muscular/skeletal. N0o it is internal. I was on a very large dose of methadone, all I wanted was to come down 100 mgs. I know I could handle my pain with that much less methadone. Instead
I was sent from one doctor to another who only wanted to either detox me (what do I do for pain) or stick me in my back. Please God let there be doctors out there who are non judgemental and understand pain.
77grace responded:
I reconize your name,although I think your real name is differnt ,no matter!Anyway,I am sorry that you have to deal with such a terrible illness and I don't have any answers for you,but I wanted you to know that I will continue to pray for you and I will sk my Chruch to also!!!Hopefully some Dr. will figure out something!
Take care ,77grace
broice1947 replied to 77grace's response:
Yes,it is me Joyce. Thank you so much for your prayers but I don't think God is ;listening. II hate the way I have been feeling. The pain is intolerable. My liver feels like it is falling out of my body. I still wonder why I was the lucky one, The one who lived thru everything. I have never been thru withdrawal in my life, so God thru me a curve bal. I am now experiencing withdrawal. It is hard to type;

I wish I could find a real doctor.

77grace replied to broice1947's response:
Hi Joyce,
I must reply to that !!!Many times we don't think that God is listening,but he is!!!You kno ,he's on a different time shedual than we are(Its alll there)I know itsd hard but sometimes we just have

to wait and it seems unfairmI know !!Sorry,this got messy!
I wish you the very best and I willl continue to pray for yo!
Sorry if fI seem spacey.latley I sure feellike it!

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