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    Anybody know a Pain Doctor who is good?
    broice1947 posted:
    I am finding that most of these doctors want to stick you with needles and not give medication I live in Albany NY 1 of my doctors retired to Florida, the Second doctor went to the Midwest to teach, my 3rd doctor retired then recently died. I am on methadone, a program won't help me because they don't treat pain. How the hell am I to find a doctor who is compassionate and understands chronic internal pain. I would go 50 miles in either direction to find a doctorl
    suz1catz responded:
    Hi Broice, I live in the Utica NY area I go to Albany Medical which is the cutting edge in the medical field. I go to Dr. Delfino a good doctor. My pain mangement doctor is Dr. Gould he is at Slockum Dickson Medical Group in Utica NY.Doctors today find that medications (hydro.Oxy Meds) mask the brain and not the pain. I do get shots once a year for my lower back just had a shot in my neck. I also do my physical therpay for my lower back and neck every day I take what I have learned and apply to my life every day so I can live my life. I live a comfortable life. I even saw a counselor to help me emotional factor of pain. We have to help our selves. Sue
    broice1947 replied to suz1catz's response:
    Dear Sue, I cannot believe that you think AMC is cutting edge, AMC killed my husband by giving him too much medication to put him into a medical coma. When I requested an Autopsy on him they said that they couldn't do that because he had Hep C. They pick up AIDS ;patients all the time and do Autopsies on them but my husband with a viral load of less than 5. They couldn't do it for, Now if you were talking about Mt. Sinai, of NYU Medical Center, or Cornell, ,or NY Hospital they are on the cutting edge and they were the ones that kept me on methadone during my transplant. So, my friend AMC is a lousy teaching hospital.
    Third rate doctors come out of AMC. Oh, and by the way when I wanted to sue AMC no lawyer in Albany or surrounding areas would take the case, because they are afraid they may end up there. And they don't want to hear the wrath if they entered the hospital and never came out.
    They pronounced a woman dead and she woke up in the morgue. So we must agree to disagree. AMC's pain mgmt. which I have been to doesn't prescribe anybody any useful pain meds. They gave me Cymbalta. Does that make sense?
    Anon_57995 replied to broice1947's response:
    Dea Joyce,
    Attorneys agree to represent a plaintiff action on a contingency basis. If your seeking to recover damages from personal injury, malpractice, wrongful death, the attorney does not get any money upfront from the plaintiff. The customary percent of the attorney's pay is 20%, with a pre-determined cap.

    If the case does not result in a cash settlement, the attorney does not make any money.

    When evaluating a plaintiff's case, most attorneys of law will not agree to represent a plaintiff in an action that he examines is without merit- that he will not win for the plaintiff and for himself.

    In other words, if a case looks like it's going to make money for the atty and his client (plaintiff) no atty would refuse to take the case.

    Lawyers are not afraid to sue doctors. Lawyers are not afraid of retribution by hospital employees.
    It's also not a personal thing. The majority of negotiation is between the attorney and the MD's legal representation. It's not even remotely like how it's portrayed on TV,

    The documentation is evaluated by the plaintiff's and the defendant's legal team.
    Medical expert witnesses evaluate the case.
    The insurance company makes an offer to the plaintiff's representation. Negotiations and offers of settlement are slowly bounced back and forth, and the case is usually settled in that manner.
    No jury, no witness stand, no startling revelations.
    Most of a civil law suit is handled by lawyers tossing numbers around- if the case has merit.

    If there is evidence of wrong-doing, any lawyer would be eager to represent a plaintiff- that's what personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers do for a living.

    Medically induced coma is a therapeutic treatment that is used for many reasons, primarily to reduce metabolic requirements.

    I'm sure this is a sad topic. In malpractice cases, bodies are routinely exhumed for post-mortem exam. It's a tough decision all around, but it is done often.

    If you don't like the care that you received at a particular hospital, then don't go there for treatment.
    If a hospital was really filled with third-rate doctors who routinely kill patients, many attys would be lining up at your door to get you to sign on with him.

    If one attorney refused your case, you ca present it to as many others as you want; if many attys have refused to represent you, then your case is without merit.
    broice1947 replied to Anon_57995's response:

    I cannot go through an exhumation. I couldn't go thru the burial of the man I was with for 32 years. I bought it to 6 lawyers and they all said if it wasn't AMC they would take it in a minute. When they refused to do an autopsy because he had Hep C. What do you think?? Or the woman last year who woke up in the morgue. I could tell you about abortions being done without consent, There are many things about AMC people who live in Albany would rather go to another hospital like
    St. Peters or Albany Memorial. Ask people who live in the shadow of this wanna be NYC hospital.

    I told you what they gave me for pain when my liver was cirrhosed Celebrex does that make sense?

    Let's just agree to disagree. I was a paralegal when I worked and I used to go to lunch with many of the lawyers and guess what. They were my friends and they wouldn't take the case, not because of merit...They knew the case had merit. ut it was because of "nobody sues AMC"

    So lets agree to disagree. If you think and feel that AMC is helping you with your pain GREAT. But, when I went to AMC internal medicine dept. I was given methadone, because I went into AMC on 5 occasions, 5 comas before I got my liver transplant, which AMC couldn't provide for me I had to go to Mt Sinai in NYC. It seems AMC had quite afew problems when they did liver transplants. They lost too many patients.

    77grace responded:
    Hi broice1947,
    Well.I think I have replied back to you several times but ot sure if you did to me ,anyway...Wow!It sounds like a big mess!I can't beleive you are having such a hard tiome geetting your Methadone unless.its just a very high dose and that scares alot of Dr.s!!
    I am alos on Methadone and I remember when I was only taking 80ml.a day some Dr.s thought it was high!Now I'M onaround 110 ml.
    My Dr. is not a pain mamangement DR. I have mixed feeling about them!
    I want to post this so I gotta go fopr now,will try latter
    broice1947 replied to 77grace's response:
    Dear 77Grace,

    Yes it is a high dose but I didn't do that to myself the medical community did this to me. I wish I could find any doctor who would take me as a patient and get e down to a logical dose. The methadone does kill my pain..But I sort of experimented and found that 180 was comfortable for me. That is all I want is a doctor who will bring me down slowly. Not from 300 to 40; That is crazy
    ctbeth replied to broice1947's response:
    Hi Joycie~

    You are absolutely spot on! You did not prescribe the Methadone for yourself.

    I know that your situation is far more complex than what I'm about to write, but it may help:

    Would your MD be willing to prescribe some meds to help you with the withdrawal symptoms? I know that this isn't a long-term solution, but it may make the next week or so less horrific for you.

    May I ring you up late this eve? I'm going for dinner with my son and his fiancee' (Nathaniel and Michelle).

    I'll be home by eight-ish.

    If not, I'm def going to ring to check on you in the morning, ok.

    I have some other thoughts to share in private <3

    Sending hugs and <3s

    broice1947 replied to ctbeth's response:

    Please call me. I would be more than honored with your call I am not in very good shape right now. But need to talk to somebody. I am in the process of changing physicians, so everything is screwed up. I don't have a new PCD and that really sucks. My old PCD wouldn't help me in a million years.

    Hope to hear from you soon,.
    ctbeth replied to broice1947's response:
    Hi Joyce.
    I left you a phone msg.
    Also email.
    Talk to you SOON
    suz1catz replied to broice1947's response:
    Dear Joyce, I'm so sorry about your husband and the bad experience that you have gone through but I only see 1 doctor at Albany Medical. I'm so sorry..
    annette030 responded:
    I simply got the list from my insurance company at the time, and found a doctor in my area. Then I called and asked to speak with the RN or MA in charge and explained what my personal needs were and asked if any of the doctors in that practice would be a good match for me. When I found an RN who actually thought about it, and named a doctor that fit with me, I made an appt. This was a "getting to know you" appt. I chose my doctor and have stuck with her. She now has an office about 30 minutes away, but as long as I can drive I will stick with her.

    She is my primary care doc, and prescribes my methadone and breakthrough meds for me, along with other meds. She is an Internist. I have been with her for 15 years or thereabouts.

    Take care, Annette
    77grace replied to annette030's response:
    Hi annette030,
    How have you been ??I have'nt heard from you in awhile!
    Your post is good but,remember she is on a very high dose of Methadone and it's probally hard to find anyone who can acomadate that!!!But I really wish her luck!At least to bring her down to a reasonable leval!
    Take care,
    annette030 replied to 77grace's response:
    Hi, Grace

    I believe I was responding to her initial post which did not say how much methadone she took. I think I also recall from another post that she has liver problems, which may further limit doctors who opt to take her. I simply shared my way of finding my doctor, she is a doll!!!

    Take care, Annette
    2honest83 replied to 77grace's response:
    77grace What type of doctor do you go to!

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