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Chronic Pain From Liver Transplant
broice1947 posted:
I am very depressed right now, and I should tell you the whole story, My PC doctor got a letter from the Health Dept, about me, they wanted me on pain mgmt. Because mjy last doctor PC was giving me my methadone and he did some talking about people to other people he violated the Hippa law. He also threw me, my daughter, and several other people out without a 1 month script, or a referral;. So the Health Dept is investigating him. My new primary was writing for me without a problem, until he got this letter and he freaked out.!!
He sent me to a friend of his in pain mgmt. who wanted me to go to rehap and detox (which neither addresses pain)
, then Suboxone, When I told her I was allergic, she said I was coming up with excuses.. And she said I will not prescribe methadone for you absolutely no methadone. I was detoxing myself from 350mgs per day to 320 mgs per day and I was going to detox more. 35 pills are a bit outrageous. She lso said that the methadone was causing the pain.That is why I need to find a pain mgmt. doctor who is compassionate and cares about his/her patients. I don't need a doctor who is shooting me full of steroids. I want to be detoxed to a dose of methadone that I will feel comfortable with.. I don['t want to have fought so hard to live, for what? To die in pain, or at least live in pain until I die.
Why break something that is working. Why send me from one to another doctor to get off methadone. IT WAS WORKING, AND I BELIEVE IF IT IS WORKING DON'T FIX IT. I wasn't asking for anything I thought was outrageousl

Just wanted you to know the whole story

All good feelings to you and yours and have a Happy Easter,

Love Joycel
77grace responded:
I don't understand why he wants you off the Methadone!were you abusing it??It can be very dangerous ,I hope you know that !!It's not like taking Vicodan or anythhng of that sort!I know becuse I take it tooo and sometimes wish I did'nt but I have a very high Tolerence and Im like trying to Medicate a Horse!I'm only 5'1 and 113 lbs but I need a strong dose!Of course thats after 10 year!
Anyway I hope it works out for you and you get some releif!!

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