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getting off of oxycodone for chronic pain
sittingbull594 posted:
I have been on oxycodone for chronic knee and back pain as well a tens unit for i think 2 years. I am 54 years old. They tell me my nerves are hyper alert or some such.

I had shingles last Nov.-Feb. I am over them now. My doctor last Oct. or so did a urine test and it came back that there was none of this medicine in my urine or so she says. She told she had an older man who was giving his kids his pills. This is not hte case with me. I take my meds. I have never lied about or given my pills to anyone but myself as the user of this medication.

I know that she is really mad at me and doesn't believe me. I offered to do a lie detector test but can't afford the test at 500-700.00. I have to go in and see her on thurs. I'm just wanting to go off this med because i don't like being called a liar! I know no other way of clearing my name but the lie detector test.

I'm going to cali to see my first born grandchild mid april and fear I will be in a lot of pain because my son lives on the 2nd floor. I know if i dcline this medicine I will be in a lot of pain. I just don't know what to do??? What would you do??

and if i do go off of the oxycodone how would you taper off. I went off this medication before but don't remember why and got horrible headaches. I think in May I may be able to afford a lie detector test tho she said that wouldn't change her mind in doing random drug tests and I said I didn't expect her not to!!! She has been my primary for a long time and i just can't believe this is happening! I've been very dizzy and went in last month but didn't see her because she wasn't in and it was very dangerous. It is again and i can barely handle it. I may be pre diabetic and wonder if it went to full blown diatbetes because nothing else makes sense of what it could be.

Anyway that's another issue. THe main issue is maybe I just take the lie detector test and put it on a charge card. This is not fair at all! and it really ticks me off that she thinks I'm a liar because I have not abused this med.

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