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Elbow Pain
jdtoht posted:
I am a 40 year old male that has recently started getting elbow pain from lifting. The paint that I am having feels as is very sharp and only hurts when I am lifting heavy weights. The pain is when I am bench pressing, triceps extensions and even when I am doing pull overs. It dose not hurt when doing curls, kick backs, or even when doing push downs. It seems as if the pain is caused when there is weight applied when the arm is extending and tricpet is flexed. I have done stretching before and even warm up before my workouts. Does some one have advice besides surgery or going with lighter weight.
ctbeth responded:
My first thought was warming up, but I see that you're doing that.

Does your gym have an exercise physiologist, or even a personal trainer with whom you can consult?

If the pain doesn't get better, or it worsens, you may wish to consult with an MD. You'll know when that time comes.

Of course you don't want to lighten your weight, but a few days of resting from the exercises that cause the painful sensation- just to rest the soft tissue.

No one here is going to diagnose you over the internet, or tell you that you need surgery.

If you don't want to rest the area, it may just get better on its own, or it may get worse.

Again, if the pain gets bad enough- and only you can make that determination- consulting with a physician is the only way that you'll get a diagnosis.

Good luck.

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