chronic knee pain
brafitter1 posted:
I have Chronicknee pain in my right knee .I have done the ice rest protection elevation physical therapy and have tried every over the counter treatments there are. Nothing is working what do I need to do to get the proper treatment.Im in so much pain right now I cant walk without cruches Its disruptive to my sleep and i cant sit or stand for long periods of time. Ive had an MRI done recently and they said they couldnt find anything there.
smann68 responded:
Hi brafitter1,

My suggestion would be to have a 2nd opinion. Was there something that happened to your knee or did it just start hurting?

I think you should see an orthopedist.

I hope you can find out what's wrong and get a fix for it. Best of luck.

_swank_ responded:
Chronic knee pain isn't a disease so if you have pain then it means something is wrong. The first thing you have to do is find out what that is. If you haven't been to an orthopedic surgeon then that's what you do next. If you have then gather all your records and go to another one. Not everything can be seen in an MRI. Sometimes diagnostic arthroscopic surgery is the only way to see what's going on in your knee.