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    PM doc dismissed me after 2 appts accused of subtance abuse
    An_251318 posted:
    have been treated since 2010 for my back by pm doc then neurosurgeon for metrx microdiscectomy that failed then back to pm then ortho for lumbar fusion L5S1 sept.2012. the ortho surgeon refered me to new pm do bc i was stable from his point of few and he sends all of his patients to pm doc for meds,ect. i have never been dismissed from any care that i have recieved for not complying to their plan or medication issues or suspision of substance abuse.....until now.By the way , I do not have a PCP. I need opinions and feedback as i feel i have been set up to fail and left to fend for myself with no options. ortho dr was writting for meds every 2 weeks. I saw pm dr and was honest with him in every way with the amount of meds i take ect. he wrote multiple scripts for different issues not dealing with pain meds and gave me handwritten rx for norco as his office does not fax those. Date on norco RX was 2/28 and insructions were not to fill until 3/2. Informed him of refill on valium and he said i could fill and use only in emergent need. Called pharm and told them i want to have refill and told them i would pick up all at same time. did not give my handwritten rx to them. When i picked up meds i realized the norco was filled. Apparently office faxed copy of RX along with the others. Went back for follow up on 3weeks later(he wanted 4 week follow up but family vaca was scheduled and then following week dr not in office) Told himym i would be out of state when rx would would run out and that i was concerned of runng into issues with getting meds due to different regulations he wrote rx and sent me on my way. I went to have filled and was told that it was too early but they would arrange for pharmacy in florida to fill. Pharm called pm to make him aware of arrangements. At this point i was in FL and called to make sure I was able to get rx. I was informed by them that rx had been cancelled and no other explaination. I called pm dr to inquire and was told that i he will no longer write rx anymore and was being refered to substance abuse clinic. When i asked why i was told i had meds filled written by multiple providers and that i was trying to get meds filled early. I was very confused at reasoning and got very offended by being accused of being an addict. I was told he would not write rx to wean. I was not provided any info on clinic. I told the nurse that i was not able to get to clinic or any otge place to give me meds by the time meds would run out bc i was out of town and weekends. This was the last time i heard from office until i called yesterday and wanted to try and explain obviously i had valid explainations for all of the reasons i was being dismissed were not my fault and i thoughy that the reasons for getting meds filled early were discussed at appt. I was then informed that another reason was drug screen was not consistant with meds. I asked what was it showed and was told i she could not give me that info. So, here i am...Meds ran out on 3/31 no info on valid proof on my wrong doing and talked to like a drug addict. In major pain and withdrawing while self medicating with tylenol and ibprofen. Ortho will be getting all info on this and im sure none of the items that actually prove i did nothing wrong will be a part of that report. I still have rx from 2/28 paper as my only proof.What do I do? I dont want to be viewed as an addict by going somewhere else and i have lost all trust. No one seems to listen or wants to actually look into my
    77grace responded:
    HI 251318,
    Well only you know the truth!@I know from my own experience that the Dr.s that acuussed me werer usualy right!They must get all thata info from somewhere and you did say something about haveing another Dr. that wrote scripts for you every 2 weeks <So I'm a alittle confused,can you clear it up for me and I will help you how ever I can!
    I've been there and withdrawel is the pits!!
    Take care,77grace
    An_251318 replied to 77grace's response:
    ortho dr wrote on 24 and 2/18 then new pm doc wrote on 2/28 and faxed to pharm in error. He gave me handwrittin to be filled on 3/2 I picked up meds from pharm and was suprised it was filled . So i am assuming bc ortho and his order overlapped and it wasnt my fault
    77grace replied to An_251318's response:
    Hi 2511318,
    I am sorry that you havve to go through all this and I know how frustrating withdrawel is!Have you tried calling the same Dr. and making an app.,so He or She can look into it more and look you in the face and show you the proof they say they have??I find it harad to beleive if You have done NO wrong that they won't work with you!!!Tell them you need their help!
    What do you mean you still have the RXfromm2/28??
    Good luck,77grace
    ctbeth responded:
    Please, just for ease of others reading and understanding what you're posting- use paragraph form-

    It is difficult to follow in one huge blurb, and some may not bother reading your post in its entirety when presented in this manner.

    ctbeth responded:
    I just read your post again.

    Are you the same person who is posting in another place? I'm not certain, but is it you who said that the reason that you were dismissed is that there was Percocet and Valium in your urine screen?

    I'm not judging, but, if it's not you, then there is another member who is in much the same situation as you:

    . "I was then informed that another reason was drug screen was not consistant with meds. I asked what was it showed and was told i she could not give me that info"

    ctbeth replied to ctbeth's response:
    Yes, this is also your posting. It's entitled ,. "Thrown the the Wolves", and says that your had only ONE appt with this MD.What's really going on?An_251318 posted:"I was fired by my pm office. OVER THE PHONE BY THE NURSE. I WAS GIVEN REASONS THAT DIDN'T MAKE ANY SENSEShe calls back and tells me my drug screen was dirty, showed perc and valium."
    Anon_57995 replied to An_251318's response:
    Ortho prescribed something on Feb 4
    and Feb 18- 14 days
    Pain MD prescribed Norco on Feb 28- 10 days

    Pain MD faxed to pharm on
    Pain MD wrote to be filled on March 2- this is for the norco that you picked up on Feb 28th.

    So, you filled the Norco that was faxed and tried to fill the Norco in the handwritten for the same date.

    Plus your other post says that you had Percocet and Valium in your urine.

    Yes, it overlapping is your responsibility! Your contract says that you cannot take controlled meds from another MD.

    Since you were given info about addcition, you should take a hard look at your behavior and see why you've been cut off and why you need help. You also posted two different stories and at-least one is untrue- maybe both.

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