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    Patient rights if dismissed by Dr.
    2honest83 posted:
    Is there protocol drs have to follow while they dismiss at a patient to ensure patient safety? I understand they make u sign a opiod agreement and it is stated that you meds could be stopped at any time without warning and you will be referred to substance abuse clinic. IS THE DR RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE CLINIC CONACTS PT AND IF NOT GIVING THE PATIENT INFORMATION ON HOW TO CONTACT THE CLINIC? It is very dangerous to stop the pts meds cold turkey. If the patient does not have a PCP do they have to write weaning script? i wonder if these pm docs who play GOD and put patients out for various reasons valid or not are being held responsible for the patients who ended up doin street drugs that are far worse than what the patient was taking. What is being done to protect the patient from accusations of abuse? What are my rights as a patient? What is the patient to do? Do these drs think that it is reasonable of them to stop a patients meds after years of taking them and they will be "fine"? Id like opinions and feedback on this along. Malpractice?
    77grace responded:
    Well,first offm did you do something to make them think you have a problem???Only honesty will do!I've been there when a Dr. would not treat me anymore!That wwas a long time ago and I did go through treatment and also a program for drug abuse!I a recovering addict who unfortunatley j=has severe chronic pain and I have to take Pain meds,so I undeerstand!
    AS far as stopping you cold turkey it would depend on the drugs,some can cause Sezures ,then no I don't think they could but they could refer you to someone else !What Happened??
    I am here for you 77grace
    2honest83 replied to 77grace's response:
    Not at all. I was honest ab being dependant but who wouldnt be after several years of taking them? i was given reason that i broke contract by drug test was inconsistant but wouldnt show me results. i asked how to get med records and was told that she didnt know....i was told i was being refered but never provided me with info to contact them and no one has called me....i did go to appt a week early but it was bc i was going to be in another state during refill. He gave me script and i took to pharm and asked if they could fill or transfer out of state. I told the pharm i didnt need filled yet and just wanted to make sure i could pick up from pharm in FL. She called my dr and told him i was tryn to fill early and cancelled script. I called dr and was shocked. I was trying to be proactive and make sure i could get my meds! Just set up to fail it seems. I am going to see a lawyer bc i think they handled matters in the wrong way. You cant just fire your patient bc u suspect abuse and not give them referal info. I believe the legal term is patient abandonment... also why not provide me the info on how to get med records? Things just dont add up for the multiple reasons i was given for dismissal. i guess being honest and proactive got mein this mess. I have lost all trust in the fact i can confid in anyone bc i have already been labeled as an addict when i know that im not.
    2honest83 replied to 2honest83's response:
    oh 77grace- my other post with most of the details is "PM dr dismisses after 2 visits" i think u commented on that one too
    2honest83 replied to 77grace's response:
    77grace replied to 2honest83's response:
    HI 2honest83,
    Well,it sounds like a real bummer for you for sure!I know I have been in sefveral different situations similar!One ,I had run out of my break through a few days early but did'nt dy anything and it just happened to be a test day!So the nest month she was on me because I did not have any in my system!Really close call this Dr. was nice and let it go!!She knew I really need the pain meds.!
    But ,I think bottom line right now there is aa Big Scare going on for Dr.s !!!Not sure why but I notice alot on this site of same type situations !
    I hope you can either just talk to this Dr. and explain about the Florida script and the wrong of the pharmasist1
    Don't think you can Sue!
    Good luck keep in touch 7grace
    annette030 responded:
    Although opioid withdrawals can be very uncomfortable for most folks, depending on the dose of course, they are not considered dangerous for your basic, otherwise healthy adults.

    Benzos taken daily, long term, can cause seizures during withdrawal, that of course, can be dangerous due to the possibility of aspiration. Weaning or medical supervision during benzo withdrawal is necessary for this reason.

    Malpractice is a legal term, I would not know about that.

    Take care, Annette
    ctbeth replied to annette030's response:
    Although it seems unfair, and please don't attack the messenger for the message, but any MD can refuse to treat any patient in a private practice.

    In an emergency situation, MDs, and even RNs must perform emergency basic life-saving skills, which would be considered abandonment if they do not do so.

    You clearly stated above that you signed a contract stating that you understand that the MD can discharge you at any time.

    No, MDs who discharge patients are not legally responsible if the patient then opts to buy meds illegally. If that were the case, no MD would prescribe controlled meds at all.

    If a pain management MD discharges a patient from his/ her practice, they are well within their rights to do so.

    Your medical records are your property; all that you have to do is request (in writing) copies. They may, also, charge you a fee to copy them. The MD's office will keep the original notes.

    Can you clarify your question presented as follows?


    It is miserable to abruptly discontinue opiate meds, but it is not dangerous. Benzodiazepines are a different class of med and should not be abruptly discontinued.

    No MD must prescribe anything if he/ she does not wish. You can ask for meds to help withdrawal symptoms, but no MD is under any legal obligation to do so.

    If you really think that you have reason to file a plantiff injury suit, get your records and consult with an attty.

    The initial consultation for malpractice, or any personal injury-type case is free, as the atty's proceeds come from the amount of money won when the case is resolved.
    Anon_57995 replied to 2honest83's response:
    Hi Gracie,

    Yes, the person who posted that MD dismissed after two visits, and one who was "thrown to the wolves" seem to be all three the same person posting with slightly-different stories each time.

    In one of the stories, her urine showed Valium and Percocet, another she asks if she is to blame if more-than one MD prescribes.

    In one version, she has seen the MD once, in another she has seen the MD twice.

    In two versions, the nurse would not tell her what was wrong with the urine screen. In another version, the nurse told her that her urine showed Percocet and Valium.

    In this group, we are so pro-patient that we may not want to believe that there are persons who actually do abuse prescription meds, and/ or lie to their MD and to us.

    I will no longer reply to this person, other than to suggest that to follow the nurse's offer (in one version) and consider drug rehab.

    In one post, she said that her MD faxed in an Rx for Norco and hand wrote another.

    She got the pills from the Rx that was faxed in, and got caught when trying to fill the hand written one for the same Rx.

    Then, there is the Percocet and Valium.

    I think we can help this person best by encouraging her to be honest with herself.
    2honest83 replied to Anon_57995's response:
    Well Ladies- I must admit I am new to this and not exactly sure how tagging and posting all go and Let me remind you that obviously I was trying to get people who may had any suggestions or support I knew what looked suspicious and I knew what evidence. I knew I did nothing wrong but put trust in new dr and staff to keep my safety in mind. Also, I was told SEVERAL different things by staff as far as things that I was guilty of and that there was nothing could do about example I still have prescription pad written order. That I didn't request meds early..... I was a over the dang place trying to rationalize and really to understand how this was happening and I was an addict. I must have been. But I never had any problems before? How did I let this happen? And then it hit me . I will sit here and withdraw and be sick and that I deserved it. And not eating or sleeping might play a part in the fact that I am really really bad off!!! I did need to call and find out where I needed to be to get better! I finally decided that even though dr only saw me twice labelled me AND to all of you wonderful people who said supportive things and offered support and then decided you knew I was an addict too were my inspiration!

    I called my dr office to find out how to get med records and info on where I needed to go for treatment. This time the med assistant was the one in the room when important things were discussed. She Also had worked at my neurosurgeons office. She would have known certainly if I displayed a need for meds other reasons right?? I mean the signs wood be obvious!! I decided I would lay my case out ONE last time, I HAD too she could tell in my voice i was upset. I couldn't belie that she didn't know. I asked her if she would walk step by step with me through all the reasons I was provided by her and the valid reason that could be proven and seen for themselves. She listened and I sobbed through my words and kept running out of breath while trying to give her every detail Some of the items she even commented... "Yes, I remember him saying you could fill that refill of Valium .... Or " I really don't see the multiple providers filling RX. You have filled the same RX by only the two we are aware of.. And not only RX from us since 2/28." I finished my timeline with the way this nurse just broke me down an would NOT listen? I have never felt the need to prove to my friends and family that I was nothing more than doing what i had to do to get better and that I was on my way to the end my battle with pain and dependence and it would be done the proper way... And just a little FYI- stress does make pain worse. I WAS DONE... I gave everything I had. She told that it would be tomorrow before she would see him but that she would. Talk to him one more time..... 30 mins later my phone rings and and said that she had talked to him and the PA and that they were appalled this nurse. And that they would like to please have me come back under their care and that they would make sure things would move in a positive direction...and that action had been taken to nurse for behavior and i would never have to see or deal with her. Ever, Asked me to come in tomorrow and would need to sign new agreement and another drug test. I did it. And now I'm afraid..... I'm afraid of every action I take and make with others be documented and signed by 3rd party... I'm afraid to tell them my med is not working or something else of importance that could be used against me... TRUST AND CONFIDENCE THIS OFFICE AND DOCTOR IS GONE. So even though I fought and fought.... It wasn't about the pills. It was about the Pain Management. I can not take my pride and pain to a new doctor who will have every bit of this info available up front.

    Thank you for your time. I pray you never feel the way I felt for even one minute through this terrible experience
    annette030 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Well said. As usual.

    Hugs, Annette
    annette030 replied to Anon_57995's response:
    Also well said.

    Take care, Annette
    annette030 replied to 2honest83's response:
    It is very hard to tell by your postings whether or not you double filled a RX, or tried to, or if you are simply a victim of the system we are all in. Any of these could be true.

    All I would ask is that you be honest with yourself and your doctors/nurses. If you are a victim of the system, please keep at it until you make it better, both for yourself and for those who come after you. Whatever your status, I feel for you, and hope all is better soon.

    Take care, Annette
    2honest83 replied to annette030's response:
    At the time of the posting I was in a horrible place and the RX that I had was THE ONLY thing that I had to prove i did not request the meds to be filled. I knew that the pharm keeps up with how its requested and what number it was faxed from. I had been at my appt with meds in hand for them to count.I am just trying to figure out what and why she would lie about my drug screen or that the dr would not speak to me.What did I ever do to her? I never even met her or knew her name?? And why when i called a million times did i always GET HER?
    broice1947 responded:
    I can tell you only NY law and ethical rules. But if a doctor doesn't wish to treat you anymore. He has to give you`1 last script. That is the Ethical thing to do. And if they leave you hanging without anything, email or call your local Dept. of Health and report him. It has happened to me. When I went to my PCP he helped me. Get a PCP and bring all the bottles of your medication. They will steer you to a good Pain Mgmt place or they just may give it to you themselves.

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