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An_251395 posted:
I'm prescribed two Oxycontin 40 mg twice a day and four Percoset 10 mg as needed for breakthrough pain. I just had a double 360 fusion and can't get into my doctor for an adjustment of medication until next week. I'm afraid to ask this question to my doctor because I wouldn't technically be taking my medication "as prescribed". I need more "breakthrough" pain relief. The time release takes too long to work and really doesn't lower my pain much like the lower dose "immediate release" does. No idea why. Because of abusers I can't cut my time release in half and get a stronger release of ½ the medication. My question is this. IF I do cut a Oxycontin in half, will I get half the strength released over six hours instead of 12? IF I take ¼ of a 40 mg pill will it work closer to a 10 mg Percoset, 10 mg pain relief over 3 hours or am I just wasting my time?
Any help would be appreciated.
ctbeth responded:
It is vital that you take your Oxycontin and Percocet exactly as prescribed.

It is of interest that you say that because of "abusers" you cannot cut your long-acting Oxycontin in halves or quarters.

You know the answers to your questions.

If you really do not know, call your MD and ask him/ her if it is okay to cut up your Oxycontin.

Good luck.

77grace responded:
Hello,It's Grace here!
Of course you really know the answer!I'm sure you've heard things and loked it up?
Bottom line take as prescribed for now and then explain to the Dr. what you did to us,ite meds are not working enough?ASk for help!Don't tell him!
dfromspencer responded:
Never cut a time release pill in half! Always take your meds as prescribed, every time!!!

If you are having these problems, try to call the doctor, or leave a message to have him call you back. I will tell you this, he won't let you cut them in half. He may, however, have you up the percoset dosage?

Good luck!!!

annette030 responded:
No, you will not get half the strength released over six hours instead of 12, if you cut your Oxycontins in half. Do not cut long acting time release pills in half.

Talk to your doctor.

Take care, Annette

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