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Upper Back Pain
dustin_braham posted:
Hello, my name is dustin and i am 16 years of age. I currently lift and am pretty athletic. Recently i have felt pain in the upper back. When i bend forward and try and arc/hunch my back a semi-sharp pain radiates. I went to chiropractor and he said it may have just been me being too tight from not stretching enough. The pain is also limiting in a sense. It runs down my spine in the upper region. I really want to feel a crack that makes me feel better although it may not be that kind of injury. There was no all-of-a-suddent click or lock into that place i simply woke up with this kind of pain. On a scale from 1-10 when bending forward and arching it is about a 6. If anyone knows what this could possibly be please respond back. Thanks.
77grace responded:
Hi, And Welcome!
I hope you can get some answers here!
Do you have insurance or a DR.????Besides a Chripractor?They arre fine wheb needed but ,you should be very careful!It would be good to have a few opinions!It sounds to me me like you may have slept on it wrong and you tweaked it !So,
get alot of rrest !
Take care,77grace
dfromspencer responded:
Hi Dustin, Welcome!!!

The very first thing you should have done, was to see your family doctor!!! A chiro is fine, but not when its your back that is in pain. Always see a doctor first, in case its a pinched nerve, and a chiro may make it worse.

Since you are a weight lifter, it could be a cracked disc? Or, it may even be (God Forbid) a herniated disc?

Go see your doctor!!!

Good luck, and keep us informed, please!!!


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