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trigeminal neuralgia and nerve ablation
An_251504 posted:
had nerve ablation for trigeminal neuralgia done a year ago i still have numbness, the cold hurts me there are spots on my head,arm,back,all on the side i had this done on that cause pain in 4 different spot on my face all left side.i cant eat on that side,the wind just bout drives me insane.the shocks are not as bad tho instead of one huge hurt in one place it now in four places just not as bad truely i think i couldve dealt with the pain more then what i deal with there any meds or anything i can do to help?
Mommifer responded:
also it VERY uncomfortable to brush my hair or wash my face..
lazydazey responded:
Hi, I don't have what you have, but I've heard of it and how awful it is and you have my sympathy! I was just reading an article in April's Reader's Digest about this very thing-a lady in an article had what you had and ran into a doctor who helped her with a surgery that isn't ablation-here is the link- . Really hope this helps, really hope you find relief! Tried to post this once before and it didn't go through so I hope this one does! Please come back and let us know how you're doing! Take care.

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