Intercostal Neuralgia/Nerve Pain
Laurajo126 posted:
I just recently got diagnosed with Intercostal Neuralgia in September 2012. My systems don't match exactly but the pain specialist thought this is where I "fit" most. Whatever that means.
I have been having pain in my upper left torso front and back for the last 3 years. I have not had any surgeries or trauma in that region. When I first saw my Dr. we thought maybe I was getting Shingles, even though I had no visible signs of it, but my symptoms seemed to match that of Shingles. Needless to say I have been on several medications- Antidepressants, Pain meds, anti seizure meds and meds for herpes outbreaks. I have had injections, which actually gave me 95% relief and then the Dr. didn't want to do anymore after the trail runs, said they were "too destructive".
I have been to Neurologists, Pain Specialists, Acupuncture, massage therepy, chiroprator, neurosurgeons, meditation group, and the list goes on. I know I'm not alone with my symptons of pain but I feel like I'm always running into dead ends and Dr's that give me false hope. I'm hoping by joining this community that maybe I will find answers or ideas on where to go next. If anyone has options that they have tried, I would love to hear from you!
77grace responded:
Hi Laurajo126,
I'm a little atr a loss on what to say<it sounds like you have been through all kinds of tests and meds ,plus you say ,Injedtions!What were they and why did he do them if they were dangerous??I know how hard Nerve pain is and I guess I would recomend a pain specailist!Or try a differnt Nuerologist!!!
Hang in theremwe are here for you! 77grace
Laurajo126 replied to 77grace's response:
Hi 77grace,
I don't know why the pain specialist even gave me the "trail" intercostal nerve blocks, I went into the hospital twice to have this procedure done and neither time did she say anything about it being destructive. I went to her and she said "I have something that will eliminate your pain" Once having them- they did actually work 98% but then to turn around and say "No more, to destructive" was like sending me back to square one, all over again. I am actually seeing a new pain specialist in a town about 3 hours from me on June 6. I am still hopeful that someone, somewhere will have answers or relief for me. Thank you for your reply, It does help to know that I am not alone, but sad at the same time to know other people are going through such pain on a daily basis. We can all hang in there together!
Chia123 responded:
Would Cryoablation, which is freezing of the related nerves, help? Radiologists seem to be doing this out-patient treatment. I believe it is a fairly new procedure.
breezeie1966 responded:
My diagnosis of IN was in Sept 2013 but it had been ongoing for almost 25 yrs. There is a facebook page about IN but my understanding from all my Chiros and MD's, is that it is just not curable and mainly they try to manage the pain which is almost impossible to do.
The best treatment I have found for myself is Gua Sha. I am a practicing Certified Reflexologist and have had the Gua Sha training. I currently use it on my clients with great results in pain management.
In articles and info on the web IN is called a rare disease/syndrome but that is not true as most of the cases are either misdiagnosed or just missed. I have a JAMA medical journal article from 1895 discussing Intercostal Neuralgia. My IN had waxed and waned for years but as I am is waxing to intolerable at times.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you as this is a battle that will take courage and perseverance.
mychel responded:
My IN started in Sept. of 2012, and it's constant. I too have been through so many tests and am irritated at how doctors really don't know much about it. It was over a year before they decided that's what it was. I too have had the nerve blocks. 4 altogether. I've never heard that they are destructive, I was told to just call whenever I needed another one. The first one is the only one that has really ever worked. I guess in all fairness the last one did work for 2 days. I'm reduced to sitting around the house, because any movement to the area brings more intense pain. I've tried all sorts of remedies and so far nothing helps. It affects my breathing too. Taking showers isn't easy since I can't breathe in them. Wearing a bra is out of the question, have bought a 2 sizes too big cami with a shelf bra, but it too hurts to wear. I use to be so active and now I just sit around. I also have to have the right support on my back to sit down or the pain gets worse too. I do hope they can come up with a good way to stop this pain. It's horrible!