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This is important!
ctbeth posted:
Actually, Lorigibs posted this on her Facebook page. It's so important that I'm posting the link here.

Thanks Lori!

Opioids: Addiction vs. Dependence
dfromspencer responded:
Hiya, Beth

I sure would hate to be an addict!!! I once had my P.M.D. forget to call in my script. One day after being out, the withdrawl pain was intense! I called the doctors office, only to be told she was gone for another three days. I went to the V.A. hospital to see what, if anything, could be done for me?

Let me tell you, this was a battle of wills!!! I was physically sick, as anyone who looked at me could tell. The nurses would do nothing. So, I told them that if they cannot find me another P.M.D. that could get me my script, I was gonna raise some hell. About five minutes later, here comes this doctor. He was not happy with me, I told him the feeling was mutual. He said the best he could do, was to give me a script of three days worth, then I would have to see my doctor. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I told him. I went to the Pharmacy and picked it up, and took one dose right then!!! Twenty minutes later, I was fine as paint once again.

I know the feeling of physical dependence I can tell you!!!

I would never, ever want to be addicted to these things, you know???

I know you are in the hospital today, but you can read this when you return to us!!!

Good luck!!!


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