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Severe lower back pain
xoxoajc posted:
I have been having severe lower back pain along with severe cramping for the last 3 days. I am late with my period but it's never been regular. I have two children so I'd know if I was pregnant. I have taken two pregnancy test and they came back negative. The day before yesterday I thought I was getting my period because I had a little blood kind of as if I was spotting but it was just that one time and that was it. Does anyone have an idea as to whats wrong with me? Please help!
77grace responded:
Hi ,
I would definatly go to my Dr.!!!Have you had any Back trouble before ??Or for that matter.,beem Late???
Best of Luck,77grace
Peter Abaci, MD responded:
It is important that you see a physician and get evaluated right away. Cramping pain around the abdomen, pelvis, or lower back may be a sign of what is called "visceral pain." Visceral pain is usually harder to pinpoint and typically comes from an internal organ like the colon, kidney, or an ovary. Many of these organs sit close to the spinal structures and can cause referred back pain. In some cases visceral pain felt around the low back can be a sign of a serious problem and therefore should be evaluated right away.