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Carpal Tunnel
ma9410 posted:
I haven't been officially diagnosed with carpal tunnel, but I'm sure that's what I am; it's been slowly getting worse since I had my child, but the last few months it seems to be getting worse a little faster.

I was taught how to type in middle school, and about 13 years later, I type on a regular basis. I am a part-time secretary without health insurance. If I can't type, then I can't do my job. I think typing is what has caused carpal tunnel for me. Computer work, cooking, and baking is what I do best.

Yesterday, I would get a shot of pain from my left wrist down to my fingers, and it would last a few seconds then the pain would go away for a while. Today, my elbow and the area around it is hurting, but the pain won't go away; I have been having a hard time typing today. I got on here today, and found out to try taking some anti-inflammatory drugs, so I took one Aleve; it doesn't hurt now. I can't keep taking (won't allow myself to) an Aleve every day to help with the pain.

I saw that WebMD mentioned putting ice on it, I will try that. My mom said I should borrow her heating pad to use, but I don't want heat on it, right? Are the wrist things (forgot the name) expensive? What else can I do to help the pain?

Especially when it's in my elbow, I have a hard time picking up my toddler. I am right-handed, but my left side bothers me more. Last August, I tripped over the unlevel concrete floor in the barn and landed on my left arm. I hurt really bad. I didn't go to the doctor, but my husband (used to be EMT) said it wasn't boken, so I just had some help at work and at home to get me by for a few days until my hand felt better; I'm guessing that's why my left hand is so much worse. I rarely get carpal tunnel pain in my left arm, but it does happen.

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