butrans patch
An_251173 posted:
Hi All
My pain management doctor would like me to go on the butrans patch but checking with my insurance it is very exspensive.My question Is Is the fentanyl the same as the butrans?
And do any of these have a generic form?
77grace responded:
Hi and Welcome.
To answer your question,No Fentanyl and Butrans are not even close to the same! I'm not positive but I think the Butrans is made with hydrocodone,Like Vicodan !Fentanyl is sronger than Morphine and usually only used after alot of other things have been tried and once you've built up a tolerence!
Unfortunatley I don't think there is a Generic,I know there is not for Fentanyl!
I hear the Butrans is Good ! Just tell your Dr. your financial concerns!
Best of Luck,Stay in touch,77grace
ctbeth replied to 77grace's response:
BuTrans is buphrenorphine, a synthetic opiate pain med.

The name Bu (buphrenorphine) and Trans (transdermal) is indicated for the management of moderate to severe chronic pain when a continuous, around-the-clock opioid analgesic is needed for an extended period of time. There is not yet a generic buphrenorphine patch.

Fentanyl transdermal is also a patch, hence the Trans in BuTrans and the name transdermal.

Fentanyl is a generic name for the brand name Duragesic.

The opiate buph. and fentanyl are different.

The BuTrans patch is rather expensive.
If the price will limit your ability to get proper pain management, I think that you should speak with your MD about his/ her prescribing you an appropriate pain med that you can comfortably afford.

Do remember, when assessing the price, that each BuTrans patch is worn for one full week.