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SCS for SI joint pain?? Anyone??
Tonivr posted:
I have hypermobile Ehler Danlos Syndrome, over a year ago I injured my left SI joint at work. I have had all sorts of PT, injections, medications. Only thing that worked was a shot directly into the SI joint, for about a week and then the pain was back. Medial branch block did not work, pain managment Doctor wanted to try SI rhizotomy, insurance would not cover it. Now I am looking at a trial of spinal cord stim. Has anyone used a SCS for SI joint pain and what was the outcome?

ctbeth responded:
Hello Lisa,

I have a spinal cord stimulator, although not for SI joint pain.

It really doesn't matter what kind of neuro pain syndrome one has when discussing spinal cord stimulation for nerve pain management.

One benefit of SCS is the the trial, that you're considering.

Your MD can discuss the specifics of how he/ she performs the trial. In brief, a small lead will be threaded into the area where the pain signals originate. The lead will be attached to an external generator, or battery remote. For the time prescribed, between three-to-seven days, usually, you'll get a rough feeling of what it feels like to have a spinal cord stim.

The trial, aka temporary, is a little cumbersome with the wore coming out, but it's but for a few days. You'll also get to adjust the settings to see what feels best for you.

If you like the sensations, the permanent involves no external components. The sensations and areas of stimulation will also be very custom-tuned to you.

If you'd like to talk in private, you can click on my name or "mug shot". You'll see a little "My Story".
My email address is at the bottom.

If you'd like to email me, please let me know here so I can be on the lookout for an email from an address that my computer security will not recognize.

I hope this can help,

ctbeth replied to ctbeth's response:
Hi again, Lisa,

Below is a link to a long discussion right from this site. You may find some interesting reading.

Many of the participants in the discussion are still active in the community.

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