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Best pain medication currently available for. people who have horrible chronic pain!
ScUaRnVcIeVoR posted:
I was 15 just finished my first year of vaesity cheering with my friends not knowing one month later the most in shape person in the school would battle leukemia for 3 years. Even afteri finished chemo I was so worn out, I was as white as a ghost and probably lost half my friends those years cuz I wasnt allowed out of the hospital. When I did leave I did try to move on with my life. Impatient for chemo was given a drug called vin cristine thats what I call aftee they put the amount of fluid they would give to a diabetes person the pain started an hour after went for three weeks no break. Unless someone has expericenced vin cristine bone pain u can not rate higher then a 9 im sorry. My cancer drs who are the best in all of wi said that it was going make me cry I broke a nurses hand squuezing all on iv morphine. I had too do that 3 weeks out of every mo th one week break for three years. And I was 15 makes me cry thinking about it because it was so trmatic I have post tramatic stress disorder fron the whole thing. Anyways after cancer they found a vascular necrosis in the bottom of my spine right by both hips and both femurs are covered the whole thing. So I have been on every narcotic pain medicine and non narcotiic. I found that methadone comes in second its cheap and it helps rekax slightly, also works pretty good with bones il give it a 7 5 for all u who like to use oxys there pain relief isnt nearly as good and tolerance builds ten times faster. No I found that opana 40 mg 6 pills a day and 6 10 mg oxymorphone ir work out standing its been three years or even more and tolrrance hasnt gone up. For u people think oxys remain king of the pain med market give it a year they will be passes up. I would bet on itm if anyone has questions on any opioid pain medicince just ask ive been on 3. 4th of them. Thanks

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Ladyedan responded:
Hi, I live with RSD pain 24/7.... I had a horse break my back at T10 T 11....I just changed my Medication to Nucynta for break through I was on oxy...for break through pain....All I can say is WOW Nucynta 100mg q 6 hrs..and Methadone 10mg x 5 a day

The Nucynta has worked wonders and I don't feel a flighty as I did when my break through was RSD is still a lot of pain but its down in the 5 or 6 level I also have a SCS and love it..RSD is in left part of body .....babbled enough check it out if u have RSD or back pain takes a few days to adjust .
dfromspencer responded:
I've never even heard of opana. I started with methadone, and now on morphine. Neither of them does much for me, I have nerve damage on right side. The Lyrica they added, seems to help with the burning pain better than the opioids?

Now, i'm off to find out about this opana.

dfromspencer replied to dfromspencer's response:
P.S. I really like your sign in name, SURVIVOR, sooo cool!!!

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