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shoulder and neckpain
An_251696 posted:
I have shoulder and neck pain, to the point I can't sleep at night and I take a muscle relaxer. I can't seem to get get my neck comfortable. The other problem that is really bothering me is I get this tingling and numbness in my left arm. I had a disc out of place and it caused the same problem. My doctor is sending me for steroid shots. When I had the disc problem they gave me Hydrocodone and it really helped. It still took 3 months to heal completely. I have been told I have chronic pain. Is it normal? to have the numbness tingling from my should to the tips of my fingers? I would really appreciate an answer. Thank you. Peggy Gelder
77grace responded:
Hi Peggy,
Of course it's not normal to have any tingeling in your arms or hands or anywhere for that matter!It sounds like anerve problem to me and I have pain from nerve stuf so I know!
I think you need to see a specialist ,maybe a nuerolgist and let them know what's up!
I understand about Pai waking you up too,Latley for me it's my left foot about 3 or 4 in the morning my heel hurts really bad so I know how difficult you must feel!
Go see a Doctor!
Let us know how you are doing?
dfromspencer responded:
Hi Peggy,

NO!!! It is not normal!!! Pain and tingling in your left arm could possibly indicate a heart attack? Since you mentioned a disc, I will go with nerve damage. I have severe nerve damage on my whole right side, mostly in my R.Arm. So, again, not normal.

Like Grace said, you need to see a neurologist, and have him evaluate you. That would be your best bet. Then, if he finds you are a chronic pain patient, he can set you up with a Pain Mgmt. pec. for any further treatment, or meds you may need.

Hope this helps, and please keep us informed!!!

dfromspencer replied to dfromspencer's response:
Sorry, the second paragraph has a mistake. It should read "Specialist" not pec.

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