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St Jude Neurosti
twoterriers posted:
Have had my Stimulator since December 2011 and it has made a very big difference in my life. The pain is still there but it is no where as painful or intense. It's bearable now. There are even days that I don't have to "turn" myself on. I have 13 setting but typically use one of two settings unless I'm having a bad day or week. Then I'm usually off work, laying down on heat and have shut it off completely. There are restrictions, such as not being able to run with it on or doing other forms of exercise as it is too intense. I also cannot swim on my back if it is on. So I typically turn it off before I go to the gym. I don't take any pain medications or try not to.
John0220 responded:
I am having a trial SCS implanted on Monday. What can I expect and is there much pain from the procedure? What type of SCS do you have.
Feardorcha68 replied to John0220's response:
My surgeon also has referred me to a neurosurgery to talk about spinal cord stim, too.
I have heard that the trial isn't painful. Someone who has one can tell us more?
I know that CTBeth from the site has one and hope she'll tell more for us.
Twoterriers, can you tell us about the trial?
I'm not afraid but excited.
twoterriers replied to Feardorcha68's response:
I didn't have a trial but went straight to the neurostim. My pain was so intense my Orthopedic Surgeon felt it best to do the surgery. This surgery gave me my life back. Yes, I still have pain primarily in my foot and leg but it is manageable with the stim. I am also on Topomax for my migraines which helps for the back. I reduced my Topomax from 150 to 100. This is something that ought to be considered for pain.
Feardorcha68 replied to twoterriers's response:
My insurance company approve my trial today! The surgery said they will call me next week with the date and the instructions for what I have to do The company person will also call this afternoon of on Monday. I think that I have to talk to someone from there, too St Jude is the one my surgeon has recommended. I'm more excited than scared. I have the website to read and write questions for the company agent So wish me luck of Bon voyage! Feardorcha

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