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Swimming - pain in cold water
An_251841 posted:
I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy which causes a great deal of pain. I have started to go to the swimming pool to try to get a little exercise. However, The cold water cause my muscles to seize up. I can't swim due to pain so I just walk back and forth and move my arms and legs while floating on my back. However, I am finding that the cold makes it so I can only stay in for a few minutes because that, in itself, causes pain. I have looked and diving-type suits on the internet but they all look like forcing them on would cause intense pain. My arms hurt when I pull hard and tightness on my arms and legs make them hurt a lot. I don't want to give up because this has been the first thing I've been able to do where walking doesn't cause so much pain, if I could just warm up so I wasn't seizing up my muscles. Any suggestions?
Feardorcha68 responded:
Hi swimmer
I swim as much as I can to help with pain and as exercise that is one that I can do without pain after.
My local YMCA has a heated "therapy pool". It's a perfect temp if you like warm swimming. It's a smaller pool.
Sometime it's a little too warm for me.
They have another pool for general use that's bigger.
I think that some health clubs have heated pools, but they are most expensive then the YMCA.
I hope that you'll find one that you like. It really helps and staying in shape. I gained about 20 pounds after my fusion. My doctor warned me that it's very bad for my back to have extra weight.
The swimming and eating right (of course) helped me lose the weight. Without the swimming, it would have been tough.
Do you get less cold once you're in the pool for a while?
77grace replied to Feardorcha68's response:
Hi Feardorcha68,
I know that swimming is very good but I too hate cold wateer,I am trying to froce myself to go to the ymca and at least try it out!!!!I am close to 60 yrs'young and I need to get into better shape!My illness causes alot of pain so unfortunatly I have lost alot of muscel and I want some back !
I noticed that you mentioned weioght ggain,I found a really great weight loss way to eat !Don't like calling this a diet because it is positive and teaches us to eat right !!
Let me know if your interested!
Feardorcha68 replied to 77grace's response:
Hi Grace,
My YMCA where I swim has a heated "therapy pool".
Lots of elderly people with arthritis also attend the exercise class that I go to in the pool.
most of the group is in their 70s, 80s, and maybe 90s- and here I am a guy in his 40s, LOL
I like every one of them and they get a laugh out of me.

The YMCA is pretty inexpensive to join. Do you have one near you? Try giving them a call.

Did my email friend give you my email address?
She's having a real bad time of it.

So let me know if you call the YMCA, ok?


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