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AccuraScope and Back Pain
Katelyn55 posted:
Has anyone had the Accura Scope performed on them for back pain? I have a friend who has been in misery for the past 15 yrs with back pain.
Spinal fusion, hardware removed, implanted morphine pump which DID NOT help with the pain and now is in a depression. Please let me know.
Thanks bunches.
77grace responded:
I just tried answering you but it did not go through!So this time I'll make it short and hopefully you wil get back to me and I can be of some help!!!
Did dhe just get the morphine pump??It may just need to e stronger or placed differently!
I too have terrible back pain so I know!!!
Let me know
james38 responded:
I had the accurascope procedure done 2 years ago in Texas and it was unbelievable as far as pain relief. I had been through several "specialist" here at home with no results other than huge medical bills from all the test and trial type procedures. North American Spine cut through all the trial type crap and got straight to the cause of the pain. When I woke up on the recovery table, I was a tad bit sore at the 1/4" incision area and when they asked me to stand and see how it felt, I was speechless and actually had to gain my composure a bit before answering them because all of the pain was gone. I was in tears of joy due to being pain free for the first time in over 20 years. My wife and I left the hospital and went out to eat and did lots of site seeing for the rest of the day pain free. I didn't even need pain pills the night after surgery.
For comparisons sake, I'll share this with you:
Back in January of this year, my back went out on me again. This time it was sudden and severe enough that I had to be admitted to the hospital immediately and did not have the option of waitng to consult North American Spine. I was diagnosed with a pea sized cyst on the nerve causing severe sciatica and almost total loss of the use of my left leg. After 6 days in the hospital and numerous test, injections, etc , they finally did surgury to remove the cyst. Man was I sore after I woke up. I was sent home that evening after surgery, barely able to walk. I got home and 2 hours later went to the toilet and when I stood up, it felt like a lightning bolt hit me in my rear and came out of my foot. Again at this time, I lost the ability to use my left leg and the pain was so bad I was ready to meet my maker. I was rushed back to the hospital for a second emergency surgery in 24 hours. It has been 4 months now and I am still hurting. How I wish I would have had the time to go back to NAS to see what they could do for me. I now have permanent nerve damage in my left lower extremeties resulting in pain and numbness in that lower leg and foot area. I refuse to let the butchers around here touch me again. I would recommend to anyone to give North American Spine an opportunity to help you if you have chronic back pain. I'm actually in the process of getting the last few MRI reults from my local butchers and sending to NAS to see if they can work their majic for me again if it's not too late.
I would urge you to give them a call and let them evaluate your friends situation. All of the staff at NAS were the most pleasant group of medical professionals that I have ever had the opportunity to meet and I used to work in EMS and hospital environments. Good luck to you.

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