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Migraine Headaches, Chronic Back/Neck Pain
angeleyesbia posted:
would really like to hear from other people that have been suffering from migraines that may or may not have chronic back and neck pain too. I have had migraines for over 16 years and have been on and off of meds for even longer for headaches and pain. I am having a very hard time for the last 4 years dealing with and finding treatments for my issues. I have a chronic daily headache that stays at a baseline from the time i wake up to the time o go to sleep (CDH). I also have been told that I have progressive migraines, which from my understanding means that my normal pain level can sky-rocket into a full blown migraine for no reason at any time. UI have had and done several MRI's, CT scans, "headache diet" many times and no doctor out of the many I have seen can find any trigger or antagonistic thing except for stress. I would really like some fellow sufferers opinions and maybe some tips or tricks other then just the standard run of the mill "dark room and ice pack" ideas... Thank you in advance for replying.
77grace responded:
Hi angeleyesbia,
I hope I got the name right !
YES,I ALSO HAVE HAD VERY BAD HEADACHES SINCE I WAS 16yrs.old!!I'm in my late 50's now!!!!!Thank God for menophase because they are not as bad but I do get them and they are definatly affected by Stress !!!My whole body is one big muscel Spasam !!!!
I also have alot of other things that cause neck pain and back aches but I will tell you more latter!!!
Have you ever trie anything like relaxation techniches??Biofeedback and such??
I like to listen to a cd of the Ocean and try to do deep breathing and try to relax my body!
More next, 77grace
77grace responded:
It's grace again!I also was wondering ,what else besides meicatios have you tried??
Do you have a good Pain Dr.??
I know another thing that seems to make my hedaches worse is if I take too much Imitrex or any headache drug!Then ,I thin I end up eith ebound headaches !!!I'm not sure that's what it is happening ,just a guess cause I hear it so much!!
Good luch.stay in touch ,Please let me know how your doing! 77grace
angeleyesbia replied to 77grace's response:
Hello 77grace!!
Thank you so much for your replies to my posting. As of right now i am doing okay. I just started seeing a new doctor across the state line (i live in Florida and the doctor is in Alabama) last month and a few days ago i went for my second appointment. He is the first doctor since i lost my health insurance (3yrs ago) that i have seen that actually cared about really helping me!! I pay to see him and pay for all of my scripts myself, some at discounted prices through the pharmacy, thank the Lord!!
The biggest problems with my care is that i have hellish pain cycles!! It starts out with a headache, then my muscles tense up, then i can stressed due to lack of remedy then the more pain, then more stress etc etc... A never ending cycle it seems. He has given me a cocktail of migraine preventatives, a long term pain med for the over all chronic body pain issues i have, short term pain med for breakthrough pain, and anxiety med for the panic attacks i get with all of this pain and a nausea medication to help (i get really sick when i am in pain). He doesn't care about lack on insurance and did 2 hours worth of research about prices to find me meds that i can afford and that will still work!!
I have been doing a lot better now that I have meds back on board after being off and on meds since i lost my health care.
I have tried pretty much everything under the sun in the past, therapies, osteopathic manipulation, chiropractor, botox injections, umpteen million med combos, biofeedback, i have been apart of a few studies at a few different universities up north and one at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota even. I am one of those "special cases" they say, where no one knows why i have these daily headaches and migraines. Not tests ever comes back with anything. Nothing they do works for more than a month or two then has to be switched. We were doing a full cleanse every 6 months of all meds for the past 16 years to make sure i wasn't getting immune and hooked on any pain meds. Just mind baffling. There was a Neurologist that actually published a study about me in a medical journal.
Rebound headaches are a big problem for most people on pain meds for chronic long term pain, however most of them happen because the patient over does the meds or they are on them for too long with out a cleansing period.
Anyways, this is a long post... lol... I just wanted to say thank you and try to answer some of the questions you had posed to me, and to let you know that i have some hope now!!
I hope you are doing well also and thank you again for your reply!!

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