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Is This Peripheral Artery Disease Or Something Else?
An_251991 posted:
This question is concerning my mother. For over two years, she has had extremely bad leg pain. She's a heart patient and had a triple bypass heart surgery in 2003. She's 51 years old. Her cardiologist informed her quite a long time ago that her leg was blocked due to PAD. She has had several symptoms. Bad leg pain, coldness of her toes and foot in general, tingling and so on. However, she just recently went back in to see her cardiologist after not paying him a visit for over a year and he claims her leg is NOT blocked and he says he never said it was PAD! He checked the pulse in her foot and felt for clots and tumors and said everything felt ok. He also said PAD doesn't cause leg pain when you're lying down because my mother told him the pain was still bad when she laid down. Here's the kicker. Several months ago, a lump came up on her leg. Her cardiologist scheduled her to have tests done to see what could be wrong with her leg but her appointment is way later this month. He says he would guess its nerve damage, which ten years ago when she had heart surgery, her surgeon said later in her life she would very likely have nerve damage because they had to harvest veins from her legs. But I'm still a little worried. I've read online that lumps like this could be a type of cancer called a soft tissue sarcoma. I know I should wait until the tests tell what this is and nothing can be done until then but I'd like some reassurance and advice! I'm a worry wart and also a slight hypochondriac so my worrying gets the better of me. Can anyone give a girl some helpful advice that would put my mind at ease a little bit?
davedsel responded:

Unfortunately, there is no way for any of us in an internet message board to know what is causing your mother's symptoms. You will need to wait for the test to find out what the doctor diagnoses.

There is a great deal of very good health information on the internet. The problem is that these sites - including WebMD - can not diagnose or treat. Only a doctor can do so after examination and possible testing.

Try and relax and wait for the test results.

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