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septal perforation
VolvoRacing posted:
I don't know if anyone out there can give me any suggestions, but i have been to two different doctors and neither of them can help me. i tried the button but the dr botched the surgery and i had to have it taken out by the second dr. i'm glad he did because i was going to get it taken out anyway because it was like a had a huge booger on both sides and i couldn't deal with it. i have a huge septal perforation that has grown progressively bigger over the last year, now it has eaten nearly my entire septum but thank the goddess you can't see it from the outside. i am in excruciating pain because of this and it just won't stop. i do not pick at it, i never have, i simply clean out the scabs with a q-tip every morning so i can breathe. and sorry if this is gross but they are some seriously huge chunks of blood and mucous. nothing helps it and it feels like there's an axe in the middle of my face. both drs have said i shouldn't be having pain and it will go away on its own. well, it's been over a year now and i'm still in so much pain i have to call off entire days worth of stuff i need to do because my head hurts so bad. they can't really give me painkillers cuz i'm on a methadone program and i wouldn't be able to feel them anyway. anyway, please offer suggestions if you have any, i'm really desperate for answers!

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