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chronic pain,and lack of proper treatment
solongsotired posted:
I had surgery 6 yrs ago for cervical stenosis, After fusion on c-4-c5, c-5-c6.Shortly after, I was diag, with fibromyalgia. All of my pain has returned.After 1 yr of pain shots in my neck, that just mad my neck worse, I now refuse to let any DR shot needles in my back. Having slight degenerative problems in middle back, I let my DR give me shots in my middle back which doesn't hurt, all because I don't want my DR to drop me.I have the one size fits all medication given to me.My DR doesn't care about treating my pain, Everyday, its a struggle to do the smallest of things, like brush my teeth, comb my hair, take a shower etc..I spend 90 to 95% of time in bed. I've tried to talk to my DR, I can feel it doing damage to my body, being in pain 24/7, where do I go what do I do, who can I talk to, its not right to not treat my pain, and sometimes ask myself, would my DR let his mother,daughter,son or anyone he loved go through what I do everyday????. Then there's the depression , that after trying everthing, including changing DR's, & letting them do anything & everything to me,its sad I have to get shots that I don't need, in fear he will drop me, because I refuse, and there's no money in giving me proper meds, nor does he seem to care, what do I do ??????

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