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Pain on side of knee
chirochick02 posted:
I have had a knee replacement about 5 years ago on my left knee. For the last few years my other knee, the right one is very bad and Im sure I will have to have a knee replacement on this knee. I have torn the meniscus a couple of t imes already, but had to suffer thru the pain until it healed on its own because my husband had lost his job and we also lost our insurance. For the last couple of years on the left backside of my bad knee I get this terrible burning sensation that is soo bad I canbarely stand it. It only lasts for about a minute or so then fades away.For this last year, at night if I lay on my side and my bad knee is touching against something..not sure...the burning sensation wakes me up and I have to take the sheet or blanket off because just the touch of that really hurts it..then in about a minute or two it subsides and fades away. What is this?
davedsel responded:
I'm sorry, but it is both against the rules and impossible to tell what is causing your symptoms in a WebMD community. You need to see an orthopedic specialist for evaluation and treatment.

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