4 months post cervical spine posterior fusion
An_252170 posted:
Seems I was doing fine until 6 weeks ago when all of the pain numbness and "falling asleep" sensation returned. I had to be hospitalized to manage the pain with IV Steroids and Dilaudid.

I am fused from C3-T1. Right hand is numb again. Pain is awful that Oxy 10mg 3 times a day won't address.

Why would I get better and then start to fall backwarks pain-wise
77grace responded:
I'm sorry to hear that you are hurting so bad!You know for some of us our tolerence acan build very fast ,especially when the inital dose is low!!!!
I've been around pain for a long time and I think maybe the dose is not strong enough or has changed and you need to tell your Dr. this and ask fir helP!!!