Anon_164454 posted:
I have facet syndrome in the cervical spine. I have been under the treatment of a pain specialist for 8 years. It is essentially arthritis of the cervical spine. After failure of steriod injections, my M>D> started treating me with radio frequency ablasions to the facet joints at C3,4,5, and 6 bilaterally.(a total of 8 sites) The procedure has been done under light anesthesia in the operating room so I do not feel any pain while he is perforning the procedures. This lasts for several months and then I go back and have it repeated. I have had so many over these 8 years I have lost count. It does give temporary relief. When the pain comes back the procedure is repeated. I do not know how many months there is between procedures but he is careful to keep up with that because, if done too frequently , there can be degenration of the bone. Between procedure I take Soma twice a day and Narco as needed. Thanks to this procedure I have not have to deal with addiction and have had some to complete relief between procedures. At some point my may need a fusion if the RFA does not work and the pain becomes unbearable. Hope I never have to have that becaise there is no guarantee that the fusion would help the pain
shell484 responded:
Hello, I too am suffering with cervical facet pain, I have also had little relief from steroid injections. I had a Cervical fusion in 2007-C4-5, 5-6. pain has become so unbearable at times, Doc put me on neurontin 800mg daily, flexeril 10mg. and I have stopped tramadol37.5mg. becuase i was on it for so long, it worried me. i take aleve twice a day, but still miserable. Doc says do physical therapy for a month then see about burning the nerve in facet. Will try anything at this point, I do not want to try narcotics, i know people who are addicted, so hope you are doing good ,I pray for all who are in chronic pain... I will see what the next fewweeks brings.