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PRP injection and its results.
bradcrowne posted:
Osteoarthritis is a common disorder which most people suffer from in their old age. You must have seen your grandmother or grandfather facing problems while sitting or even walking. In most cases, this is because of the intense pain they suffer from due to lack of strength in the joints. And when you consult a doctor, they will initially prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers, but these will be temporary solutions.
You could go for the PRP treatment, better known as platelet rich plasma treatment. Our blood is composed of a small amount of platelets in a huge concentration of the plasma. In the PRP treatment, a certain quantity of blood is withdrawn from our body and put through intense centrifugal procedure, thus making the plasma rich only in platelets (hence the name, platelet rich plasma). This preparation is then injected into the affected knee joints. The concentrated platelets boost growth factors, which lead to formation of new cells and tissues, thus replacing the damaged ones.
However, there is a debate regarding the effectiveness of this treatment. Recent studies have revealed that there is a link between the intensity of damage in the knee joints and the potential results of the PRP injections . Patients were put through regular intervals of the PRP injection and results were observed at specific times. Although people reported relief from pain after six months of receiving the injection, the pain recurred after few months and developed faster for people with degenerating joints.
annette030 responded:
Please do independent research on medical web sites like Medscape to look for peer reviewed articles and studies before searching out a doctor who is willing to do this procedure.

Take care, Annette

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