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How Do I heal the pain in my hand (Wrist)
pezhmank posted:
I been having a pain in my right hand wrist for over 3 years now, The pain isn't something that can be felt if its inactive, but when i'm writing or working with computer can be easily felt. Today this morning the pain in my wrist just get a lot worse and this why i'm desperately posting on webmd for the first time hoping to find a solution to ease or heal the pain I have in my wrist. Is there anything I can buy or do to heal my wrist?
lorigibs40734 responded:
Good morning! Have you mentioned this to your doctor? You may need to have an EMG (Electromyography) to see if you have Carpal Tunnel. It can also tell if you have nerves pinched elsewhere.

I was diagnosed back in 2006 while working as a data entry operator. The company sent me to a worker's comp doctor (who was useless of course) who sent me to their main office in Lexington, which is a two hour drive for me. Then I was diagnosed with a severely pinched Ulnar nerve (funny bone). They started me on Lyrica 800 mg and I worked up to three times a day. They wanted me to take it four times a day but couldn't do it as it blurred my vision too much.

After repeated PT and numerous EMG's later, I was deemed "fit for duty" in 2008, even though the last EMG showed severe carpal tunnel disease and severe pinched nerve at elbow AND neck area, more PT was recommended as well as Deep Tissue Massage. All that was ignored of course, and inn January I went to see my regular doctor (I had been to see him numerous times as well, as I didn't trust the W/C doctor). My doctor kept telling me to quit before I really messed up my wrist and elbow. My doc put me off work and I had carpal tunnel release surgery in May of that year. I haven't worked sense then, and can barely lift a gallon of milk.

Sorry for the rambling. My coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

Definitely speak to your doctor about this. PT can be great (LOVE my TENS unit) but they need a proper diagnoses to treat you.

Best of Luck and do keep us posted!


David Maine, MD responded:
Thanks for your post. For isolated wrist pain as you describe, after an appropriate exam, an MRI of the region will likely yield the most information. There can be a variety of causes including a ganglion cyst, ligament/tendon injury, or other structural problems (i.e. - TFCC tear). Discuss with your doctor or your ortho/hand specialist. Best of luck!

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