Esophagus Dysplasia and back pain management
gail2767 posted:
I have been on pain meds 7.5 hydrocodone 4 x daily. About 6 months ago I started having issues with food sticking in my esophagus and recently had botox injections, which have helped. Here's my problem, my Gastro Doctor is telling me I HAVE to get off the pain meds, they are what is causing the dysplasia. I can't find any info stating this to be a fact. I've told him I can't function without the meds. My PM Doctor said he has never heard of the meds causing dysplasia only stomach irritation on some people. I don't want to cause the dysplasia to get worse, but I also can't function without the meds to help reduce the pain. Has anyone heard anything about pain meds causing dysplasia, if so is one pain med better than the other?? Thank you for any info.
annette030 responded:
Ask your gastro doc for links to show the connection, or specific articles that will tell you more about it.

Unfortunately, you are the only one with side effects from the drugs so you may be the one to decide if it is just a matter of lowering the dose, or if you must get off the meds altogether. Are there other delivery systems that might not give you the adverse effects?

I have not heard about dyplasia caused by pain meds, but that does not mean it is impossible.

Do more research on your own.

Take care, Annette