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Pain in Elbow
confabber posted:
I am a casual badminton and squash player who like to play at least twice a week with friends.

Around 6-7 month ago, I had tripped on a slippery floor at my home and fell with all the body weight on my right elbow. The doctor gave me some pain killers and Voren Gel(diclofenac), I felt better after a week or so and starting playing Badminton after 2 weeks.
However while playing I could still feel some pain in my elbow and stiffness & heat after the game otherwise the elbow was okay.

Within few weeks, the pain increased while playing and after about 3 weeks accidently I fell in the court while playing and this time agin hitting my wrist & same elbow on ground. There was some swelling on the lower arm below the elbow and it used to pain a lot when I moved the fingers or clinch my fist.

I went back to the doctor and he said that I should give the elbow total rest and not engage in any phyiscal activity such as badminton.

Since then I have stopped playing but the pain doesn't seem to go. There is a slight discomfort when I a try to expand my fingers apart or any activity that requires me to twist my wrist (eg.. using a screw driver).

I can feel pain when I press the both of V on my elbow (outer side of right hand). I had been hoping the body will recover with time since I am not doing any strenuous physical activity but the pain doesn't seem to recede.

Can anybody suggest what should I do ?

lorigibs40734 responded:
Hi! Has your doctor recommended an EMG to see if any nerves are pinched? Could possibly be a pinched nerve, or could be "tennis elbow" .

If he hasn't recommended it, ask him about it. I had/have carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel (think funny bone) and even after surgery, can barely grasp a gallon of milk. I won't tell you how many coffee pots I've dropped

My fingers on the right hand won't go together. I have to concentrate really hard and then it just ends up a V and my pinky is permanently hooked inward.

Please see your doctor. I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted!

confabber replied to lorigibs40734's response:
Thanks for your advise Lori.
I will ask the doctor about EMG when I go to see him later this week.

lorigibs40734 replied to confabber's response:
Good luck and keep us posted!!


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