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8 months of jaw pain
hevafeva posted:
8 months ago the left side of my jaw locked while having intimate time with my boyfriend and kept popping in and out of place for a few weeks.
I was able to push it to the right and it would unlock so I could eat large foods such as burgers.
However this stopped and now my jaw is constantly in pain, I can only open it half the size I normally could and it's very painful to open wide. I have difficulty eating large things and it is painful to yawn.
I hear a popping noise if I have to yawn and my mouth opens wide.

The pain is localised to my left jaw and it doesn't appear swollen or heated.

Does anybody know what this could be or has experienced this?
Will the pain ever lessen and is there anything I can do to lessen it?

Thanks so much.
annette030 responded:
Go see a doctor, and let him examine you and order appropriate imaging studies. Meanwhile I would suggest not doing anything that makes it worse.

Take care, Annette
tulchick responded:
It sounds like you are experiencing TMJD. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. I have it and experienced everything you've mentioned. I'm sending this link that will give you a lot of information about this disorder.

I hope you find relief from your pain.

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