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Right Ear Pain
An_252459 posted:
I have a off and on pain in my outer right ear. Feels like it is where my ear connects to my head, not down in the ear drum area. It is sort of a lighting bolt slow nerve throbbing pain. Each throb last about 1 second. It does not match my heart beat. It comes and goes. I think I can bring it on by turning my neck in a certain direction. What could be causing this? and is this something I need to be concerned about. Been going on for 2-3 days.
belledoty responded:
I have a similar issue with my right ear for about 2 years off & on. I get adjusted by my chiropractor regularly and he is baffled too. Mine seem to be limited to cold, snowy, full moon days. Weird! They last anywhere from an hour to a full day. Afterwards I feel wiped out. Not much helps. I took ibuprofen tonight hoping it will calm down. Also using a warm wash cloth to sooth it. I've thought about having my wisdom teeth out to see if that would help but my dentist actually doesn't think I should. Who would have thought they wouldn't want to take them out? I'm just going to keep on the way I'm doing things unless someone comes up with a better solution. Good luck! I feel for you, the pain I have is the worst I've ever felt.

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