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    RE: Walgreens and my Prescriptions Filled There
    meaningfulc1952 posted:
    Hi to All,
    I have been reading the messages about how Walgreens has become. I have also been included in this mess. Only, I thought it was a temporary thing and it had been fixed. Not so.

    I had to change to another pain mgt. dr. due to my other pain dr. and what he did to me. I had an appt. with him and of course went to it but, when I arrived I was told "you were not supposed to come" to your appt. Didn't anyone call you? Well, the answer was hell no. They never called at all. Further more, that dr. sent all of my medical records to another pain mgt. dr. without my OK and I was just in a big
    mess. It's a long story.

    Back to Walgreens. My husband took my scrip in to the same Walgreens that we have been using for more than 10 years and they told him that they could not fill it. The medication was for Methadone. It is a real good thing that I had put some aside because they absolutely would not fill that prescription even though it could have been filled.

    After that happened, they told my husband at Walgreens that they had a NEW FORM that needed to be filled out by them and that my husband needed to sign the form. I have no idea what the form says or even what is really going on with that store.

    Having said all of this I have had it with that Walgreens store. In the future I will be getting my prescriptions filled by my new pain mgt. dr. at the pharmacy she recommended which is in the same area as her office.

    All of this craziness with Walgreens is just plain nuts and I don't need anymore stress in my life. Having chronic pain is bad enough, but when you can't even get your scrips filled at a pharmacy and especially one that you have been using for many years is just crazy.

    77grace responded:
    Hi meaningfulc1952,
    I totally agree with you about walgreens!!!I have no idea what their trip is but just stay away!Like you say,when you deal with chrnc pain the last thing you need is more stress!
    I wish you luck and God's healing Love!
    suz1catz50 responded:
    To:meaningfulc1952 Walgreens was just slapped with a 80 million dollar fine for selling pain meds in the black market. The best place to any scripts fill is Wal Mart they have the cheapest prices.They have over 500 generics drugs as well. I hope this helps Be Well
    annette030 responded:
    At Walgreens, you don't know what the form said that they asked your husband to sign, so how can we decide if it was reasonable or not.

    Pharmacies often change their rules. We go to Walmart now but I have used the Walgreens across the street once since January 2013 to fill my husband's RX for chronic pain, they filled it without any problems.

    I don't know what has happened. As long as you are getting your medicine, all is okay for now.

    Take care, Annette
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi Meaningful1952,

    I am wondering if the form is a release for you and your husband to sign indicating that he has your permission to pick up your Methadone.

    I signed such a form that indicates that my daughter and my personal care assistant both have my permission to pick up my meds. I do not get the Morphine (that I take for pain syndrome) from a retail pharmacy; my pain management group has its own pharmacy which works out quite nicely for all.

    Regarding this circumstance, both of the people who may pick up my Morphine had to sign agreeing to a background check. After that was successfully completed, I filled out and had notarized that I give them permission to pick up my prescribed Morphine.

    One could see how having an alternate picking up controlled meds could be a concern if not handled quite right..

    Again, as Annette said, not knowing the content of the document, it is impossible to assess whether it is a necessary matter meant to protect you, your MD, and your pharmacist.

    If Walgreens is convenient for you and your husband, perhaps getting factual information about the document and his signing it, if it seems appropriate, would be in your best interests.

    Good luck with that. If you do follow through with Walgreens and the signature, could you please tell us what this form is about?


    blessedladyptl replied to ctbeth's response:
    I have a feeling Walgreens has had to put alot of new things in place when dealing with this type of med.

    Walgreens Agrees to Pay a Record Settlement of $80 Million for Civil Penalties under the Controlled Substances Act-.
    ctbeth replied to blessedladyptl's response:
    Yes, I have followed the Walgreens civil suit.

    If you're interested in what occurred, you can google the transcript.

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