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pain meds & new heart dr.
An_252573 posted:
I have a new heart dr. My last dr. said he had to many people to see so hhe gave all his people to another dr. I have a lot of low back pain 625 lb. fell on me so 2 back surgerys 9 epidurals countless triger point injections been on pain meds oxycontin since 1997 been started with 5mg was up to 40mg 2 a day my heart dr droped me to 20 mg 2 a day my pain has increased a lot on top of this am going through withdrawels I am tring to hang on but it been 25 days its getting to point where I cant take it can any one tell what I should do I have a leeky heart valve bottom of my heart is damaged just found out I had a heart attack I have chest pain at rest low back pain down both leggs feet are numb like walking on a foot ball I cant be the only one like this where do I find help pharmist said chest pain and withdrawel are not linked

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annette030 responded:
He was right, they are two different problems. You probably should be seeing a heart doctor for the leaky valve/heart attack, cardiac problems and seeing a pain management doctor for the pain problems.

What specialty was you old doctor that raised your meds and prescribed them for you?

Your heart doctor does not think you need the pain meds or is he afraid of prescribing them for you? Talk to him and let him know what is going on.

Take care, Annette
77grace responded:
Hello and Welcome,
I can't relate to your heart problems but I can to your back pain !!I really feel bad for you and wish there was more I could do except tell you to find a good primary or Pain Dr. and go from there!
My Prayers are with you,
Hang in there, 77grace

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