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Fractured Foot
Questions22 posted:
I got into a dirt bike accident on June 7th, 2013. I self diagnosed that my foot was fractured due to minor swelling and very slight discomfort. It has now been approximately 3 1/2 weeks. There is pretty much no swelling (if any) although there is still a little discoloration (not really bruising). I have been able to walk on it (though I know I shouldn't) with a bit of a limp and some discomfort (no real pain so to speak). I didn't ice it until maybe 2 1/2 wks after the accident and didn't get crutches until around the same time. I was simple limping putting as little weight on it as possible. My question is, do I need to get an xray or is it to late for that. Also, are my current symptoms normal at this point of the healing process or should I be concerned? Overall I feel its healing as it looks better and typically feels better or about the same. Again, there is little to no pain and the slight swelling comes and goes.. typically after a shower. but it subsides.
Thank you,
_swank_ responded:
Self-diagnosing an injury is generally a bad idea. And it's really not possible to diagnose a fracture without an x-ray. There are far worse injuries than fractures that can happen in a foot. There are a lot of bones, tendons and ligaments in there and any one of them can be broken or torn. X-rays can only see bones, they will not detect a torn ligament or tendon. I blew out my ankle years ago and nothing showed on x-rays even though my ligaments were torn. Foot and ankle injuries can and will come back to haunt you if you don't take care of them. Whether it's too late for you to do anything I don't know. If you see a doctor make sure you see an orthopedic doctor or podiatrist. Don't waste your time on a family doctor.
ctbeth responded:
You "self-diagnosed" your foot as having a bone fracture?

Symptoms of a bone fracture would include excessive inflammation (swelling) and significant discomfort along with probable discolouration.

With the symptom set you've described, it does not sound as if you have a fracture, but you may have other damage. You really should see a medical professional.

No, it is not too late to get an x-ray. After a bone has fully healed, it takes about two years for the healed bone scar to fade, so an xray four weeks post injury would confirm or rule out a fractured bone.

Since the minor inflammation and slight discomfort has subsided, chances are that your did not fracture anything and that the injury is resolving. Still, it would be prudent to have it evaluated, whether xray is indicated or not.
Questions22 replied to _swank_'s response:
Thanks for responding. And yea, you're correct. Got an X ray. No fracture not even a hairline. Doc. said it may be a bruised or (I think she said) possibly torn tendon. Said I could go see an ortho, but all they will likely suggest is icing it, taking Motrin for the inflammation (I hadn't taken anything ha) and staying off it. After the first day/night the swelling and discoloration reduced significantly.
Hoping its nothing worse.
Questions22 replied to ctbeth's response:
Thanks for responding. Got an xray. Nothing fractured. Doctor mentioned I could see a orthopedic, but they would just suggest icing it, taking motrin for the inflammation (which I hadn't yet oops), and staying off it. It looked tons better the very next day.
Thanks again.
annette030 replied to Questions22's response:
See, self diagnosing is not a really, good idea.

If it doesn't hurt enough to get you to even take Motrin, yet, I would do the watchful waiting thing and put off seeing the ortho doctor too.

Best of luck to you.

Take care, Annette

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