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Genetic Anomaly for Medications?
shsblondi2007 posted:
I have suffered from chronic migraines for about 9 years now and I have tried pretty much every prevention and abortive med that is available. The problem is that after I take ANY medication a few times, it stops working or I have to up the dose. Most doctors don't believe me when I tell them that the regular dosage doesn't work anymore. I have been on a bunch of meds ranging from antidepressants to sleeping pills to narcotic pain killers. I have only noticed a few medications that work after the first few doses and ones that I don't have to up the dose on. Now I have read up on this a little bit and I saw that there are certain genes that determine how medication is metabolized. It says that there are three different categories but I have never met anyone that has the extremely high tolerance to medication that I do. I can have a small headache and take 10 tylenol and it has no effect. When I had surgery I had to keep increasing the dose of percocets to the point where I was taking at least 3 at a time or I would be in complete agony. It is like this with all the medications that I try and because of this, I just get labeled a drug addict and they move on...but i'm not addicted to anything,,,i'm just trying to get at least a little relief from the pain. I was just wondering if anyone had come across or experienced first hand what I have been explaining. I know that I can't be the only person out there that is having issues metabolizing medications because I have seen signs of it in my 8 years old little sister as well. I guess i'm just looking for some advice and what exactly i'm supposed to do because the doctors don't believe and they aren't going to condone taking more than the maximum dose of any medication i'm taking. I always run out of my medications before the refill is due and i'm not on any narcotics or looking to score or anyting...I really do need help. I just don't know what i'm supposed to do. Is there a test that would prove that I'm telling the truth? And if I can find some proof, what do I do from there? I would really appreciate a lot of opinions on my question and would really appreciate some insight from a doctor!!
77grace responded:
Hi shsblondi2007.,
Well,you can relax a little,I am a lot like you when it comes to tolerance and dmedication!I think I wrote you before!Anyway I'm not sure if mine is exactly the same but a long time ago I worked my way up to about 30 vicodan a day plus other stuff!Mine I thought was tolerance but either way I get it !!!!
Try to be honest with your DR.s,Are you on any pain meds now ?????
I'm here for you 77grace
shsblondi2007 replied to 77grace's response:
I am on tramadol and somas right now and I have to double the max dose at the very least to get any relief. I just need my docs to believe what I'm telling them but they just label me as a druggie. I need proof u know? Anyone have any suggestions?
Anon_2912 responded:
I am the same way, however mine is just not with medication, it is also with food. My body burns up pretty much whatever I take. (Yes underweight).

I think because mine does it with food my doctors believe me. Mine stems from graves disease/hyperthyroidism left untreated 20 yrs ago....
77grace replied to shsblondi2007's response:
Maybe you need to find a Dr. that will test you for what ever this is ? I am not sure what else you can do !I do know that taking to many drugs can make you worse than you think !
Many years ago I was taking the same drugs you are and more than prescribed, Well I ran out and had a terrible reaction, I had 2 Sezures !(SP) Please be careful and research this !
Best of luck, 77grace

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