For CTBeth
TDXSP08 posted:
You either don't get my e-mails or you don't read them or you don't reply.

You know the declining condition of my body,well it not my body trying to kill me anymore !! My Brain has joined the party i died last month ! I was found Dead In Bed was resuscitated successfully but immediately dropped into a week long Coma. And boy let me tell you did it scramble my brain the first sentence i said took me like ten minutes to find the words, and there is so much i can't remember, what was i doing with that ,why did i put that there,where did i put ________ trust me you never want to go through it,especially when you come out of the coma and who is at your bedside he neurologist you fired almost 10 years ago, and he is smiling saying you look so good !! compared to what ? in the E.D. when you had no pulse or respiration we didn't think you were gonna come back to us.

And they traced it all back to to a certain bad "rogue" brain wave that can attack me again,but if it does God Only knows if somebody will be around to catch it before it turns me it a corpsical.

And how was your June ??

i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
ctbeth responded:
Dear Andre,

I have received no emails from you in months.

Please try again; I'll check to be sure that they're not going directly into my "Junk" file/

It's about 3 AM now, so I'm not able to write anything that makes sense or is spelled properely

I woul d love to hear from you