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    Ridiculous back pain
    ajeffries09 posted:
    My name is anthony and im 22 yrs old. i wiegh alot but hold it very well. im 66'6". i went to the E.R. for extreme morning back pain late last year and the the guy who checked me out was super rude to me and basically told me im fat and i need to lose wieght and all my problems will go away. my wieght is not the starts when i wake up every morning. it feels like somebody is digging a knife into my back starting from the bottom (where its the worst) and dragging it upwards really fast...this inturn takes my breath away and the pain is so intense i am paralyzed for a few moments whie i catch my breath and try to breath through it. i sleep on a blow up matress. ive tried the floor and regular beds...ive tred a pillow inbetween my legs...ive tried neck support. nothing works. the only slightrelief i get is when i wake up one of the 40 times at night and push myself halfway against the wall (halfway sitting up). when i use the restroom for a bowel movement i yell in pain during the clean up process because i have to twist my body to reach. it takes hours to finally go away bu it always a little bit there. like ill be walking and ill move the muscles in my lower back slightly and pain will shoot up..its incredibly sharp and intense, this will almost always take my breath away and stop me for a few minutes. i bead sweat while it happens and grit my losing so much sleep im at my wits end. i dont have insurance and scared that the E.R. will just tell me something just to get me to leave and not give me a proper diagnosis. i have a baby girl on the way and i cant afford to not be able to jump to her aid when she needs it. i cry alot because of this and i simple am exhuasted. idk what to do.
    ajeffries09 responded:
    also i have tried norcos and other pain meds....they seem to only work on me when i have headaches but not my back (i think its too sever of a problem for pills to fix) but i have tried marijuana and that seems to help alot but i wouldnt wanna look like a pothead if i asked a Physician at the E.R. for a medical mj card
    davedsel responded:
    Hello Anthony and welcome.

    Unfortunately, it is against the rules in all WebMD communities to provide any type of diagnosis or medical advice.

    A hospital ER is not good for anything except life-threatening emergencies. You options are a walk-in immediate care facility or a free or low-cost clinic in your area. Use the internet to find one of these facilities and go there. You also may be eligible for medicaid to help with medical expenses.

    I pray you get answers and relief soon.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    ajeffries09 replied to davedsel's response:
    not trying to be a jerk but if i cant get help on web MD then why is this site available again? seems rdiculous that no advice or help can come of me posting something on a website that is regulated by doctors. i understand that it is a legal thing and nobody wants to be held liable for false statements or things like that but i seriously cant get an POSSIBLE diagnoses? not definitive just possible.
    davedsel replied to ajeffries09's response:
    Sorry, but I am just sharing the rules with you and telling you what to expect. WebMD has always been this way, and now there are no moderators so we long-time members are left to enlighten those looking for a diagnosis or medical advice.

    Think about it, though. We don't know you or your medical history. We can not do an physical exam. It is impossible to offer any type of diagnosis. The symptoms you are experiencing could be caused by an almost infinite number of conditions.

    What I can share is some websites that have helped me with research into my own serious spinal problems:

    WebMD Back Pain Center:

    Spine Universe:


    I understand and share your frustration, but I am just telling you the facts and help you the best I know how.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    77grace replied to ajeffries09's response:
    Hi ajeffries09 ,
    I may not be able to give you medical advise but I can let you know that I feel bad for you !I also suffer from a lot of back and neck pain and have for many years !It's very frustrating and I uthink I understand !We do care and hope that you can find some help, Hopefully Dave gave you some good advice !
    Do you try heat or Ice or massage??
    Hang in there !
    Peter Abaci, MD responded:
    It sounds like you are really frustrated with this problem, but even though you don't have insurance, I thought I would try to come up with some basic tips to help. Many times, chronic low back pain is poorly understood and can often be related to a number of different factors including genetics, lifestyle, specific injuries, stress, smoking habits, and to some extent body weight, just to name a few. I thought I would pass on a few basic principals that could help:
    • Avoid prolonged sitting. If you work at a desk or drive a lot, stand up and move around frequently.
    • Walking has been shown to reduce back pain. Try to come up with a daily walking program for yourself.
    • Stress aggravates pain. You are a soon-to-be-dad with a lot on your plate. Learn techniques to help you manage stress. That may include breathing exercises, meditation, or exercise. Check to see if there is a Minfulness-Based Stress Reduction program in your area.
    • Look at your body mechanics. Is there somebody at your job who can help assess your workstation? Learn about proper spine alignment and the neutral spine position.
    • Gravitate toward a plant-based diet. The high levels of antioxidants in these foods lower inflammation in the body and because they are typically lower in calories than processed foods, they can help reduce extra body fat if that is an issue.
    • Try to come up with your own special program that will help take care of your back, by using some of these tips and other things that may help like stretching, as an example.
    tuloud54 replied to ajeffries09's response:
    We are all Jerks when we are in pain. I'm stressed just from reading your post. You need to see a doctor.This board saved my life but the doctors are the only ones to help you.Please check the websites suggested. The ER is for emergencies. You will be in our prayers but my prayer for you is too find a caring dr and find out what is really going on with your body.You are not alone but must take the first step! Let us know what you find. Tom
    ajeffries09 replied to Peter Abaci, MD's response:
    thank you....this is what i was looking for when i came to web md....since ur an expert maybe u can answer me a question....the back pain i have is low and sharp but i can feel it on the sides of my spine not in the middle. if i make my back straight it really hurts and shoots a pain up my back taking the breath out of me. when i went to the d before they said i had scant amounts of blood in my it possible for back pain to be related with kidneys? i mean if in fact thats where the blood is coming from idk
    ajeffries09 responded:
    thank you all for your support...i was kinda at a point where i felt nobody understood how ridiculous my pain was and im sure ppl even thought i was faking but it dificult to do anything when my back is messing up. it sucks that everything i do daily hurts my back in some way. Is there anyway that somebody could post possible things that might be wrong with me? just like a big list or something....or since webMD cant support diagnosis im more than willing to recieve a personal message to my email
    davedsel replied to ajeffries09's response:
    You can try the WebMD Symptom Checker here:

    This will give you multiple possible causes for your symptoms that will provide no solution. The only way to get an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan is to go to a doctor.
    Click on my username or avatar picture to read my story.


    Peter Abaci, MD replied to ajeffries09's response:
    It is often difficult to know what truly causes a person's back pain, and I think it is frequently the byproduct of more than one factor. If your prior doctor recommended a further work-up of the trace blood found in your urine, then it would be important to try to follow through with that. While we don't know at this point if your symptoms are related to your kidney, I do think that in general when one part of the body is not functioning well, then this often impacts other parts of the body in some way.

    I know living with pain can many times leave a person feeling like they are on an island with their problem. They often don't realize how many other folks out there may have a very similar problem, but chronic pain, including back pain affects the lives of millions Americans.
    annette030 responded:
    I have been a nurse in several ERs, no ER doctors will sign for a medical marijuana card. I have worked in two states out of three, with state medical marijuana laws saying it was okay with a card. ER doctors do not know you well enough to sign for a card. They do not make a back pain diagnosis either, they just make sure you are not in danger of dying now. Please see a family doctor to get a proper work up.

    What is your weight? You did state your height, but not the weight part. I only recently went from being obese to only being "overweight" per my BMI. It isn't like I don't get it, I do. But it is all about putting more calories into your body than you burn off. It is far better to very slowly lose weight at your age than wait until my age, I am 62 years old. I finally weigh less than I have since I was a teenager.

    It sounds like you are not in any condition to jump to an infant's aid right this second anyway. Be honest with yourself.

    Take care, Annette
    ctbeth replied to ajeffries09's response:
    Hi Anthony,

    I think that many have a skewed vision of what a medical marajuana state is really about.

    First, one must have a diagnosis to get prescribed. In my state, there are ten diagnoses that make one eligible.

    Sadly, most diagnoses that can cause this extreme back pain (that I am many others know all-too well) do not qualify one for medical marajuana.

    Spinal CORD injury does qualify, but not degenerative disc syndrome, which is the broad category in which many back pain syndromes fall.

    The prescribing also means adjusting other meds and discontinuing and/ or reducing other meds, including p.o. opiate.

    It is not as easy as telling your MD that marajuana helps and getting your prescription.

    I would urge anyone interested in medical marajuana to carefully read the laws pertaining to his/ her state.

    Once you can get a diagnosis, there are many treatment options for most back pain diagnoses.

    Good luck, and best wishes with the baby-to-come.

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