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Excessive Breakthrough pain during MS ContinER to Opana ER?
JessieC posted:
Good morning all, it's my first time posting here though I have been reading for a long time. I have a failed L5-S1 fusion that healed crooked Leaving the nerves constantly rubbing causing tremendous back pain/leg pain. I am five years postop and have seen many specialists hoping for an answer but most have told me that it is what it is basically. So here is my question I have been on 60mg twice a day ofMS Contin (morphine sulfate ER) for about two years with moderate pain relief but decent amounts of breakthrough pain And 5 mg Percocet to take the edge off the breakthrough. Last Wednesday night I started taking Opana 20 mg ER. Doc said it was equivalently the same, so had me take my morning dose of MS Contin and then in the evening take the Opana. Friday afternoon I started to have some serious breakthrough pain, which transpired into me being almost completely useless all day Saturday and so far this morning. I can't seem to catch up on the pain. Anyone else ever have this problem?
SMG2020 responded:
Dear JessieC, I to am dealing with pain. With 7 rods in my back, lower lunbar area, double Laminctomy with a blocked nerve. She had a cramp in one leg and it affect both legs and hip area with tightening and squeezing that can barely walk. Most from a lack of water and oxygen in the muscle tissue. Is there anyone that can do leg messaging to promote oxygen. My wife Debra also had surgery about 5 years ago. Email at or .
ctbeth responded:
Hi Jessica, and welcome,

Whilst I'm sure that your problem is not unique, I would urge you to call your MD and tell him/ her what you have told us.

Many times doses need to be "tweeked" to get the optimal dose for you.

None of my business, but do you know why your MD prefers you to take Opana vs MSContin?

You can click on my name or little "mug shot" and read a brief history, if you wish. I currently take MSContin and have so for three years or so. I also have a spinal cord stimulator.

The bizarre weather patterns where I live seem to be causing my discomfort to be exacerbated for the past few weeks- How about you?

annette030 responded:
How are you doing now?

Anytime one changes ones scheduled opiate pain med, one should have adequate break through pain meds. Often the transition is a bit rocky.

Take care, Annette

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