Whipple Procedure
deckape posted:
I had the Whipple in Jan.2006. Got the 1st stabbing abdominal pain on the day I was released from the hospital. I have put up with the stabbing pains ever since. Fortunately I don't get them every day but I do get at least one every two weeks or so. Got one a week ago that lasted seven minutes and believe me that was the longest seven minutes I have ever gone thru. I have been on an enzyme for about two years now and it helps a little with my digestive process. However three weeks ago while at a cookout I had one hamburger, one hotdog and one ear of corn. That night the corn went thru me like "you know what". Since then there has been no body whatsoever in my stools and it is very oily This has been going on all day, every day since Obviously I can't go to far from the bathroom, never mind the store. Any suggestions?
davedsel responded:

The best suggestion we could make on an internet message board would be to contact your doctor.

Good luck.
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