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Medical Profession lack common sense.
An_252840 posted:
I have had pain since I was 17 caused from serve cystic acne. The cysts are so big and painful that I was chosen for the original Acutane trials. My condition has calmed down now that I am 58.

My Pain is not chronic and don't need med all the time, but when I do I do! I got into a pain management program but they gave me way more than I needed so I got out thinking I could go to my doctor to get lower doses. But now...

My surgeon gives me 12 5mg Percocets and only after he cuts me. I have told him I have a bad reaction to the meds because I can't tolerate Tylenol. I have asked him for 10mg without the Tylenol and he says he is not familiar with that medicine. He also told me to see my primary doctor who told me to see my dermatologist who sent me back to my surgeon.

I am now 58 and have developed a severe pain in my back which shoots down to my butt and into my leg. But it is only 1-2 times a month.

I ahve talked to my old pain management doctor and he said all I need is 30 10mg Roxi-condone every 60 days. But he can't help me because I do not have chronic pain. The clinics are so overloaded I can understand his logic.

So I am currently taking 1600mg Advil 3 times a day for the pain. My primary is now treating me for a bleeding ulcer but she does not want to lose her license and tells me in the same breath that I could die from so much Advil. This is a doctor? What ever happened to do no harm? Three doctors keep passing me back and forth.

I hate to say it but I may have to figure out how to get my meds by other means or I am not destined for this life much more.
davedsel responded:

IMHO (and I am not a doctor or medical professional) you should be putting your efforts into finding the cause of this intermittent back pain rather than seeking medication for the pain. Have you seen a spinal specialist and had an MRI or CT scan of the affected area? If so, what is the diagnosis?

I hope you can find the cause and pain relief soon.
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Feardorcha68 responded:
You know while I was reading the first person's narrative, I was thinking the same thing as davedsel.

It's kind of confusing.
If you can get diagnosed, your doctor who treats you for your back can work withthe other doctors to get your other problems treated without you haveing to make to decisions about what meds to take.

Hey, hope you do well.
annette030 responded:
She did tell you taking so much Advil could kill you.

Find out exactly what is going on in your back, and get treated for your chronic intermittent pain. That is what the medical folks would call a recurring pain that is expected to keep on causing problems. Who knows, the back pain might be from something curable or treatable. You won't know until you see a doctor about it and get a proper diagnosis.

Take care, Annette
Nitrox02 replied to annette030's response:
Thank you for the reply Annette. My primary finally gave me Ultrum 50mg. I still need 4 to help with the pain. The pain problem caused by my back is only 10%. The pain from the cysts is 90%. It had been diagnosed when I went thru puberty. I had been in pain management for 3 years with documentation. I have had 20-25 general surgeries and have had over 400 I&Ds.
I just had surgery on 3 areas of my body. I had 2 plum size cysts removed from my neck. Doc did a great job. I had 1 small cyst in my groin. When he wast operating it broke open. He cleaned out as best he could and sewed it up. In the past, if a cyst breaks the doc would let it heal from the bottom up. Now I have my entire groin area infected.
At this point I hate to change doctors but I feel I have no choice.
Thanks for listening,
annette030 replied to Nitrox02's response:
Please do not take more Ultram than the doctor prescribes, if he says taking four at a time is okay....whatever. The package insert says not to take more than 400 mg. in 24 hours. Please do not do that.

I have not heard of closing up over a skin infection with sutures? I would change doctors also, unless he could convince me why what he did was a good thing to do. Best of luck to you.

Take care, Annette

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