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Knee pain - Not Arthritis?
An_252885 posted:

Firstly a bit of personal information, I'm 20 years old, 140lbs and 6ft tall. I have hypermobility and a family history of knee troubles.

So recently over the past 8 months I've been getting severe knee pain, in some cases it causes me to fall over.

I get two kinds of pain, a constant aching pain and a really bad sharp burnish kind of pain. The latter tends to happen when straightening my legs, it hurts the most when walking up stairs.

I also have a cyst on the back of my left knee which occasionally hurts and is progressively getting bigger. (Confirmed to be a cyst by doctor.)

Additionally as I straighten my legs out you can hear a series of clicks and grinding noises and when you hold my knee you can noticeably feel it, you can also hear it up to 10ft away in a quiet room. They also click quite loudly sometimes as if you where cracking your knuckles.

The problem is, I've had an x-ray and been told my knees look normal and that no further action is needed, I'm on 30mg of Solpadol every 4 hours (30mg Codeine, 500mg Paracetemol) and told to take two when the pain is too much. But the painkillers barely help to the point that they only make the pain a little bit less.

So does anyone have any idea what I should do or what it could be? I was so sure it was Arthritis as the majority of the symptoms I read about it all seemed to match up.
_swank_ responded:
The other problem is x-rays only show bones. They do not show the soft tissue in your knees like cartilage, ligaments, etc. For that you need an MRI. Having normal looking knees in x-rays doesn't really mean much since most of the things that cause pain won't show up in x-rays.

Go to an orthopedic surgeon, not a family doctor, and have them assess your knees. They will likely order an MRI.
_swank_ replied to _swank_'s response:
Also, the fact that you appear to have a Baker's cyst is an indication that something is wrong in your knee. They are more of a symptom and will go away if your knee is fixed.
An_252885 replied to _swank_'s response:
Ah thank you for the reply. I will look into seeing an orthopedic surgeon. In regards to the cyst, the doctor said that we could only do three things, the first being to leave it and it should go on its own, the second for him to drain it but he said it would regrow and the third to have it surgically removed.

And I would agree, something is definitely wrong, I had to ring my surgery to get my xray results and the receptionist told me that it was "Normal and no further action needed." The same happened when I went in with my hips, I had / have no pain but I have the unusual ability to lock and click my hips with quite an amount of force. I have always been highly flexible and it never really occurred to me how odd it was.
An_252885 replied to An_252885's response:
Does anyone else have an opinion on this? It would be great to know more than one person thinks this.

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