Accidentally took Ibuprofen with Celebrex
toaist posted:
I take Celebrex for my neck but took 4 ibuprofen this morning too (I didn't know they were same class - now I know). Is this a problem?
davedsel responded:
I replied to your post about this in the WebMD Back Pain Community.

It is usually best to not rely on an internet message board for medical advice. If you have medication questions, you really should contact your doctor and/or pharmacist.
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annette030 responded:
One dose probably won't hurt you, but I would let your doctor know as soon as you can, and of course avoid aspirin and ibuprofen and Aleve as long as you are taking Celebrex.

The only over the counter pain med you may take with Celebrex is acetaminophen. But, please talk to your pharmacist or your doctor before trying that.

Take care, Annette